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Dear Members of Puglia Posse,

Welcome to the new forum design and upgrade. Please make yourselves familiar with the Puglia Posse Site Guidelines which can be viewed on the Welcome to Puglia Posse Forum under the pinned topic 'Site Guidelines'. After which you may continue to use the site forum.

Please take time to get to know how the new board works and please update your profiles.

Equally report any bugs or problems you have as soon as possible by using the contact us link at the bottom of the Forum Homepage.

Admin assumes that once you are using the forum, you have accepted the guidelines and respect them.

Many thanks.


Practical Puglia


  1. Moving to Puglia

    Moving to Puglia? Logistics, bureaucracy, health service, education, retirement issues etc - Pose your question here!

  2. General Property Advice

    Discuss general aspects of having a first or second home in Puglia.

    Being practical, probably means that you have some skills to offer to the PP community. BUT we, at PP,  prefer that a member makes a recommendation of another person's skills based on personal experiences.

    However, we can see that for some of you, that you prefer to be pro-active.

    Therefore, for each self-promoting 'Ad', we ask you to contribute to the website a sum of €25.00. If you wish to promote yourself on more than one forum, an additional 10€ is requested for each single promotion.

    PM me at admin - colleen

    This does not include anyone replying to any specific request for help/work offered and a member replies to that specific request.

    NB - for members who can demonstrate that they have contributed to the animal community in Puglia, discounts are offered.

    - All proceeds go to the animals in our care and for the continued upkeep of this community website.

  3. Swap Shop and Classifieds

    This section provides members with the opportunity to swap or sell LOW (< €250) value items for free.

    For items you wish to add to Swap Shop and Classifieds with a value of over and above €250, please pm colleen - admin. Also inclusive is an accumulative selling price for low valued items exceeding 250€. Charges applicable from the 1st-day item put on sale.

    From 250€ - 400€ - 10€

               401€ - 750€ - 25€

               751€ - 1,500€ - 40€

    Any items above €1,500€ please contact Admin.

    Any House Sales - 250€ for 3 months.

    Any Seasonal Rentals - 35€ for 3 months

    Long term Rentals - 25€ for 3 months

    For anyone demonstrating or that can prove they have given something or anything to the animal community in Puglia will receive discount or have free.

    All proceeds for the animals in our care & to ensure this community survives with self-provided funds.


  4. Utilities

    Discuss your needs or difficulties regarding - power heat & lighting, gas, electric, water, telephone and sewerage.

  5. Legal Studio Link

    Puglia Posse has become, within its own rights, a forum to be respected after Nearly twelve years in existence. Today we have access to a great many experts willing to offer their expertise to our members. If you have a question, here is the place to start in your search for an answer.

  6. Administrative Issues

    This area is dedicated to the bureaucratic and administrative requirements of the Italian system.


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