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Dear Members of Puglia Posse,

Welcome to the new forum design and upgrade. Please make yourselves familiar with the Puglia Posse Site Guidelines which can be viewed on the Welcome to Puglia Posse Forum under the pinned topic 'Site Guidelines'. After which you may continue to use the site forum.

Please take time to get to know how the new board works and please update your profiles.

Equally report any bugs or problems you have as soon as possible by using the contact us link at the bottom of the Forum Homepage.

Admin assumes that once you are using the forum, you have accepted the guidelines and respect them.

Many thanks.



1. This forum is intended primarily for discussions about the region of Italy we all love – Puglia.

2. Strictly No advertising. Advertising banners and other resources will be introduced and made available for those who wish to pay for advertising through Puglia Posse.The forum is not to be used as an opportunity to get some free advertising or promotion for your business interests nor is the PM system to be used for soliciting clients in anyway. You are welcome to recommend services from which you have received positive experiences, but you should not be commercially connected with any service you recommend or either should this be an opportunity to exploit the rules and use it as a free service for a mate or friend trying to set up his or her business. Should you wish to advertise on the site, then please contact Admin - admin@pugliaposse.com - about purchasing advertising banner space. Any post that is deemed to be advertising will be removed by Admin and your membership suspended. Warnings are issued. If you are commercially involved in a service, such as property, that might be used by members of this forum then you are still welcome to join and post as a Member, but we ask that you declare any business interest that may influence your advice or comments.

3. This forum is not intended as a place for you to push your own agenda and we reserve the right to ask you to limit or end posts on a specific topic if it threatens to disrupt the forum.

4. Be civil, be polite, be friendly. This is the most important of all rule of conduct with regards this forum. This is a forum for friends, so keep your posts civil in tone. It’s absolutely fine to express your own views and disagree with another poster but avoid any speech which is rude or insulting. We take a very dim view of remarks that are hateful, harrassing, abusive, racist, homophobic, vulgar, threatening, profane, false or innacurate about an individual or organisation, whether they are a Member of this forum or not. Please report any bad behaviour by another Member to the moderators so we can nip trouble in the bud. Once again the Warning system will be enforced without notice and the member depending on the gravity of his/her post may be suspended or deleted from the forum without forwarning.

5. No libelous remarks. As we don’t want anyone to get sued, please don’t use this forum to spread dirt about an individual or organisation you have taken a dislike to, even if they deserve it.

6. Don’t breach copyright. To avoid copyright issues, if you want to quote from another written source, please limit the quote to less than 10% of the article you are quoting from and either provide a link to that article if it appears online, or indicate a reference to the original (e.g. publication name/page/date/author). Preferably, read the article, then tell us the jist in your own words.

7. Reproduction of images. If you wish to attach an image to your profile or a post, please check that you have the right to publish that image – as images are often under copyright too.

8. Do not post links to sites promoting illegal activities (as defined by English Law), pornography, or potentially shocking, upsetting or offensive material.

9. Any poster attempting to vandalise or tamper with the site or use the site for illegal activities will be banned and reported to their Internet Service Provider and the Police.

10. We respect any confidential information, such as email addresses, that we may ask you to provide as a Member of this forum, and will not disclose any personal information to any individual or organisation without your express permission, or unless required to do so by law. For your own protection, never post your telephone number or address in a post or under your Member profile.

11. Whilst the moderators do their best, they aren’t lawyers and we can’t possibly expect them to read every post, so we cannot vouch for the accuracy or usefulness of any message posted on this forum.

12. Reproduction of any material on this site is only allowed with permission from the moderators. We ask you to allow the moderators to make a judgement call on whether any post by yourself can be reproduced elsewhere.

13. All members new and old are asked to use their real names not a made up name that is totally without recognition and unrelated to the person themselves. If for any reason a member does not use his/her real name and another member refers to him/her using their real names on the forum in public, then so be it. You may not complain having used a false name to sign in with or having used it as a display name. It is within their rights for transparency purposes. 

14. Finally, whilst the moderators are very reasonable, fair and kind people, we reserve the right to remove any post or ban any Member for any reason. Members can appeal any decision by the moderators unless any rule shown here has been clearly breached.


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