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  1. Up this way we are seeing more and more people being arrested, which can only be a good thing. To be honest I've always felt safer here than I do in the UK. I even feel safer in Mexico than the UK, then again criminals generally bother other criminals. I recognise a lot of the faces in this article, and they were always being watched in their places of business and their usual haunts. https://www.brindisireport.it/cronaca/blitz-carabinieri-droga-armi-estorsioni-20-arresti-provincia-brindisi.html
  2. If anyone is in to wine, they should read the labels. Cantine Due Palme actually produce wine for Eurospin. I'm guessing most ex-pats know this already as their trolleys are usually full of wine and dog food. I haven't tried the dog food personally as I'm not keen on meat. Maybe it makes a nice casserole?
  3. I agree with Peter, I don't believe Brexit will have much impact on us. I know there is a lot of scaremongering going on with regards to requiring citizenship but that's just the usual profiteering. Pensioners can carry on as normal and the rest of us just need the right to live and work here, in other words residency. I have no intention of returning to the UK during my working life, but never say never.
  4. If you want Heinz you need to go to the spice shop near Brindisi train station
  5. SanNico

    The Hunters

    Around our way they are shooting the migrating starlings which I'm sure is illegal. I was told you're not allowed to shoot anything longer than your own genitals, so they should only be shooting hummingbirds. I believe a loophole in the San Vito bylaw is you can combine the length of yours and your partners extra maritals. As you may have guessed, I despise the hunters.
  6. Do we need citizenship? I remember reading somewhere that as residents we would be ok. I don't even remember having a permesso di Soggiorno, but I definitely have residence, I'm IVA registered and regularly have to submit Italian criminal record checks to my employer. Now I'm slightly worried that I may have been too blase about the whole thing. Sorry, I did the typical ask before checking. According to legislation in the event of no deal we just need to get a non-EU residence permit. If there is a deal then we're fine. I better go to the comune and check which type of residency I have.
  7. You're lucky she had time to notice. Usually in Lidl I stand about 5 meters from the till to catch my groceries. I heard they only employ former Olympic level discus athletes. That's the real reason they stopped selling baked beans, too many broken windows.
  8. Please add me as well. Many thanks.
  9. It's the same in Brindisi. It's really bad here but flights are operational. Power keeps flapping though.
  10. For those of you who still have UK licenses, I was refused a hire car last week from Europcar as they ran a credit check against my name using the address on the license. My name didn't come up on Experian as I have no accounts or bills registered at the address. They wouldn't even allow me to book in my wifes' name (US license) and pay to be the 2nd driver. I had to get a very expensive cab from Stansted to Bedford and get a car from a different agency the next day. I've never experienced this with any other agency but apparently it's a new thing. They don't run checks on foreign licenses so tonight I'm going to start the application for an Italian license and pray that it arrives before I travel again. Yes, I know I should have done it a long time ago and there aren't many benefits of holding on to it anymore.
  11. You don't mention if that's finished cost (patio etc) or just the pool. If finished I would say it's pretty reasonable. If it's for rentals then you need it, if it's for yourself then consider most expats only stay around 10 years so maybe do the calculation. 3k per year plus 2k per year maintenance is 5 grand. That's an annual holiday in a hotel or a nice villa with pool for a month that someone else is cleaning for you. Then again, you may not be as lazy as me :-)
  12. The last time we bought fresh produce from Lidl it was all rotting within 3 days. We avoid it now, especially since Penny Market now sell the cucumbers us Brits are accustomed to. We use Eurospin for fresh fruit and veg. Lately we've been using Famila as their spend 40 get 10 off the next shop offer makes it as economical as Eurospin. Not to mention they have decent pellets at a good price. Beggars are a pain but nothing compared to the UK. We were there last week and it became really annoying. One guy was very grateful and said he was going to get a nice hot drink, 2 minutes later he approached me again with his fake sob story before I pointed out I had just given him cash.
  13. Apparently it's our clothes. I asked what that meant and was told our clothes are different and we prefer shoes to trainers at work. I replied that too many people shop at the ironically named Cotton and Silk. It could also be out driving style...
  14. I've also notched up ten years now, with a year break in Germany. Things have certainly changed. I remember when I arrived reliable and affordable internet was an unimaginable luxury. Power cuts were regular, the streets were covered in rubbish and plastic bags floated down every street. Leisure was very affordable and renting holiday homes was a piece of cake. Ten years on the rubbish is still a problem but nowhere near as bad as before. We have recycling centres that are strict enough to make a difference to those who can be bothered to take their rubbish there. Plastic bags are rarely seen. Internet is amazing, comparable with Germany 5 years ago but at a fraction of the cost. I find that leisure, mostly food and drink, have doubled in cost. Holiday home owners are struggling as there is so much competition following the advent of AirBnB, although the quality of many houses leaves a lot to be desired. The flip side is that you can find places for weekend getaways for next to nothing. If I had to do it again I would move straight to a large town or small city. We're trying to move to Brindisi at the moment to be close to work and something you could call life. The dream of living the good life just doesn't work if you have to work as well. If I didn't have to work I would choose somewhere on the Ionian, possibly Gallipoli, or to keep some kind of normal life I would choose Lecce. San Vito is great for proximity to airports and decent towns but you always need to use the car. Some things don't change though, there will always be chancers, con men and the self indulgent shop owners who believe they are doing you a favour to sell their overpriced goods and services. I detest Amazon but sometimes I would rather give my cash to them.
  15. For me it was great as Luton is close to my old home town and my son could travel alone from 14 years old. Until he's 16 in February he has to use the national airlines. They have hiked the prices a lot since re-opening the route so unless I need to be there at a specific time I'll find alternatives. Once bitten, twice shy.
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