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  1. Luke isn't on here anymore but anyone with advice would be appreciated. I'm in the process of calling people at the moment. Last years horrendous rains have caused me some problems.
  2. Ah yes that's right but the Parkway is much closer than the car hire center. It takes just a few minutes. The car hire center is in the middle of nowhere. It's the only time I have ever wanted a dedicated bus lane.
  3. We use that route a lot, mostly because Wizzair allow children to fly alone from 14 years of age. If you join the discount club you get cheaper flights and the baggage allowance is more generous. The bus is a nightmare so it may be quicker to jump on a train to Bedford or St. Albans or even further south to get a car. It's also a good option if you're travelling onwards as Gatwick is on the same line. Alitalia are reasonable at the moment, always check business class as sometimes it's cheaper than economy especially if you look at the routes to City airport.
  4. I read it too. I hope they take it seriously although on the beach cleaning projects I've been to the waste is predominantly created by the fishermen discarding the plastic nets for mussels, followed by Crocs which I would happily see banned, then flip flops and plastic bottles.
  5. Zafar Trading, Corso Umberto I, 108, 72100 Brindisi BR, are now selling Heinz baked beans. I can't remember if they were 1.20 or 0.90 per can but they were a fraction of the cost of Auchan. Also a great place to stock up on spices and tea bags.
  6. Ada Mazzotta is an official translator on the court list. You can find her here: https://www.guidatraduzioni.it/aziende/ada-mazzotta
  7. Nice to see a bit of debate on here, it's been very quiet for a while. Whilst I'm against it I wish they would just get on with it and let us sort out our own personal matters. For me that means ensuring I can still live and work freely in Europe, not just Italy. Whilst the politicians have been dilly dallying around it looks to me as if the country has gone to the dogs, but we only see what Rupert and friends want us to see. I'm quite interested to see how the whole reduced immigration thing works out. The 'problem' was never with European immigration so I can't see any benefits arising from leaving. If anything it may just mean that the foreign workers will continue to come from far away lands. Highly skilled workers will continue to come from Asia and unskilled labour will continue to operate in the black market. The black market is actually good for the UK economy, if you're not legal you can't claim the benefits. They provide cheap labour and keep the cost of your groceries down. The other selling point was around refugees. It doesn't matter what quotas were set, where a refugee lands is not the issue. It's around who is prepared to smuggle them in and claim the daily allowances for them. It's big money if you have a nice portfolio of slum housing that you can no longer rent to young Europeans trying to start a new life. Take the cases of the local hotels. They were working their fingers to the bone to make a few Euros profit per year. Now they rent to the agency, put their feet up and make a nice tidy profit. Watch Suburra, Blood on Rome to get an idea. In fact, watch it anyway. It's very good.
  8. SanNico


    I can recommend Isydoro, https://goo.gl/maps/nZ8XGNA1eyu . He doesn't speak English but he's a proper nuts and bolts mechanic who only uses the diagnostics machinery when he and very reasonably priced.
  9. Just bumping this for you, Digger. Many years ago I found my name on a 'Does anyone know' post on PugliaPosse and it was very important. I have no clue and a Google search brought up the usual inappropriate links. Good luck.
  10. I could recommend Francesco Termite from San Vito, a Google search will give you his details. I would not recommend doing any work directly with a builder, always use the correct process unless you're keen on writing a horror story.
  11. I have to admit to having my head half buried in the sand on this one. I have 9 years residency so was hoping for the extension to let me meet the ten years. There's lots of info regarding citizenship through marriage but nothing about divorced people or parenthood.. In short I was married to an Italian citizen for 8 years of my residency and sired an Italian citizen. Any idea if any of those would help?
  12. USA week to be more precise. Bacon, maple syrup, peanut butter and pulled pork to name a few. I heard snipers are at the ready for anyone who buys the American pizza https://www.lidl.it/it/Offerte-settimanali.htm?id=614&week=1
  13. The most recent post had some bad news: Lidl Italia Buongiorno Khawar e scusaci per il ritardo. Ti informiamo che al momento il prodotto non fa parte del nostro assortimento. Avvisiamo il nostro reparto del grande successo che hanno i Baked Beans e speriamo di ritrovarli di nuovo in vendita Ti auguriamo un buon fine settimana
  14. Hoping the cheddar is good. We normally get it from GS. We went to Ipercoop yesterday and whilst browsing the Ethnic section we spotted HP Brown Sauce. Not of interest to me as a Southerner but good to see some variety. https://www.lidl.it/it/Offerte-settimanali.htm?id=692&week=1
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