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  1. Hello, did you get your house sitter ok? I'm staying in Francavilla Fontana with a relative. I'm originally from Bath UK and looking to house sit for around those dates? I've been here for 4 months and just want to get more of a feel of the place (Puglia). I work for a UK company and work remotely. So drop me a line if interested?
  2. Hello, Stella here. I may be able to help. I'm staying with my brother at the moment Francavilla Fontana. I've been in Italy since July. I don't mind being out in the country and my brother would come a check on me! Lol. I'm from Bath UK and work online with UK companies, so I do need good wifi. Perhaps you could send some photo's etc and we can take it from there?
  3. Thanks, Digger, I really appreciate your reply. How do you clean it, what's the best stuff, salts, bicarb? Would it be worth lining it with plastic to keep the water away from the cement, or just get indoor filters?? Do you think it would be full of ecoli etc. Plus when it rains, the cisterna just has an un-watertight metal lid, like a manhole cover I guess any water will just pour into that? Thank you
  4. Hi Graeme, Small world! I'm here for the foreseeable future just now so don't anticipate visiting the UK until next year. At the moment I'm looking for a small budget house-sit, so I'll cover the utilities in return for keeping the place nice, aired, secure, but if anything changes before Xmas then yes, I'd definitely be interested in a winter let rental. If you want to know more about me or send photo's then please do. Best Stella
  5. Hello, Has anyone found a good spa, in Francavilla Fontana or nearby ? I just want to go for a sauna, steam room etc. Also any good hairdressers? How have people found hairdressing in Italy compared to the UK? Thank you.
  6. Hello, Are there any ladies in Francavilla Fontana that would like to meet up? I've been kindly invited to some ladies who meet on Friday's around Martina Franca, so really looking forward to that. But anyone local or anyone connecting with local Italian ladies, would mind learning how to make Italian bread? Or if you'd just like to hang out. I'd just like to meet in a cafe and chat about life Or learn Italian with someone Or go on a day trip Or go for a meal Or learn and new skill or craft Or go to a gallery Or learn to make Italian bread/food Or go for a drive at night and look at the sunset lol Anything really. I love IT and webdesign etc if anyone is into that, I saw a meetup in Taranto, Wordpress Themes if anyone wanted to go, probably an interesting group?
  7. Hello, I can see there has been a previous topic on artisian wells, but we just had ours tested with a friends TDS meter. The result was that it was extremely dirty around 600 (cold water) around 700-800 (for solar heated water). I think the element has furred over time. So we started to test all the water in the house for fun. Water straight out of the artisian around 500 Water from artisan to cisterna to house around 600 Water from solar heated water around 800 Eurospin bolted water "Ginevra" around 800 Familia bottled water Levissima 100- We are now drinking this! We tested an expensive bottled water- Don't have the name just now but it was 1000! So we chucked it out TDS , levels below. I know about getting the water tested but does anyone know the charge? TDS LEVELS Less than 300: Excellent 300 – 600: Good 600 – 900: Fair 900 – 1,200: Poor Above 1,200: Unacceptable What I don't understand is how artisan water is then kept in an underground cement bunker. Is this normal or is it just something we've inherited with the house. It seems a really unhygienic way to store water especially as rain water/roof water collects there too. I'm thinking it must be rife for all sorts of bacteria? I can't image what might be sloshing around in there. Rats, mice, larvae and cement dust and mould and dirt? Anyone got an easy solution to upgrade the cisterna? I guess I know the answer to this but would you wash your dishes in artesian well water or roof water? If not what sort of issues could it cause? We haven't been ill or anything but I'm sure we would be leaving ourselves open to parasites etc. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello All, So glad to have found this forum! I'm dying to meet up for coffee ( or Pellegrino) with anyone wanting to chat and hang out. I'm staying with my relative Nr Francavilla Fontana, just been here a few months and kinda decided it would be nice to stay so ideally would like to housesit for anyone over the winter just to see how it goes or rent a room? I'd also like to join a local group for ladies/ or some other type of mixed group where I can meet local Italians for fun chats and learn more about the culture and learn to speak Italian, any ideas anyone? Looking forward to chatting to you all.
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