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  1. Hi Adrian, sadly the cat was killed on the road a week after my last post. Thanks for taking the time to respond though
  2. It's so difficult but we'll find a way, we always do don't we, those of us who love animals?
  3. Thank you Clint. It's a horrible situation, I wish we could get her integrated into the family, but the Tanzanian cats are disgraceful towards her. We call them the Peaky Blinders. For obvious reasons
  4. We have a menagerie of 6 cats and a dog, some adopted in Tanzania and some here. We're moving back to the UK and are of course taking them all with us. However, one of our sweet girls is very shy and nervous and the others bully her. She hangs out outdoors most of the time, avoiding them, and we are thinking that it might be better to find her a calmer family here rather than take her with us. It'll break our hearts but we have to think about what's best for her. If you are able to give her a home, or know someone who could, please let me know. Her name is Baby Girl and she's sterilised and about 18 months old. She's never lived indoors, mostly due to the Tanzanian Posse of three cats who are very territorial, but eats inside and with the right people would transition to indoors easily I think, although she is very wary of people even now, so she may remain an outdoor cat. She is close to the dog and our other Italian cat. Thanks for any advice or offers of help with her. Ps, of course if we can't find her a home here she will come with us Amanda
  5. Hi, I need to take an old dog to the UK by road, does anyone know a company that can arrange that here? I'm also flying cats to the UK, I have read that I have to do this from Rome and that Alitalia doesn't do this anymore. Is this still the case and is it only BA that does? Thanks in advance for any info.
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