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  1. Benzoni

    Any regrets

    Hi, Just wondering whether anyone had moved to Puglia and have any regrets. We are in the process of selling our house here in the UK to embark on a new life in this sun blessed region. many thanks
  2. Hi Kim and Steve, We are looking at a big project (for us anyway) in Francavilla Fontana and having a second viewing in a few days. :-). The real south at this time of year is completely dead, although very nice. We went to the Cave Of Poetry today and we were the only ones there !!!. Going to Ostuni in a few days so we will see what that is like. We are currently in Sternatia a nice quiet village but too quiet for us - has an amazing restaurant. We don’t want to go back. House is definitely going on the market and then it’s full steam again on getting the right property. All the very best in May and maybe we will meet up for a few drinks in the sun someday :-)
  3. Hi everyone, we we have arrived and start our road trip today. We would love to meet up with any expats as we travel around and will try and make contact with others as we near their destination. many thanks Steve, Lisa and Gracie
  4. Hi Kim and Steve, Very similar lifes in the UK then !! - We wish you luck in your new purchase. We are so looking forward to our new adventure and hope that we find the right place to live, again will be similar to you - looking for a small project and hopefully within 2 years we will be there permantely. All the best and please keep us updated. Steve and Lisa
  5. Hi Jon and Laura Many thanks for your reply and your kind words. We would love to meet up and have a chat over a few drinks etc :-) All being well with internet connections and signals we will PM you once we have landed on your soil (excuse the pun as I saw your advert on here lol). It will probably we around 16th —> 18th April when we are in Ostuni. All the best With Kind Regards Steve and Lisa
  6. Hi Lorraine and Bob, What part of Puglia do you live ? I can let you have dates when we are near by. Would be great to meet up over a glass or 2 if you are around Easter time. All the best
  7. The trip has been booked - We are staying at the following and hopefully will be able to look at various properties on the way round. 1. B&B Le Residenze Corso Umberto I, 41, 70022 Altamura, Italy 2. Residence I Due Fratelli Via Francesco Paolo Festa 6, 75100 Matera, Italy 3. Masseria Giulio Masseria Giulio, 72021 Francavilla Fontana, Italy 4. Al Pescatore Hotel & Restaurant 4 stars Via Riviera Cristoforo Colombo 39, 73014 Gallipoli, Italy 5. B&B Pergulea via Platea 56, 73010 Sternatia, Italy 6. Trullo Picchiagiuda Contrada Certosa snc, 72017 Ostuni, Italy Hopefully a life changing trip
  8. Many thanks - will be in touch again once we know dates etc - we appreciate it
  9. I’m not great with politics or really understanding what this all means. If there is no deal on March 29th (my birthday lol) but a transition period to Jan 2021 - does this mean we can still find and purchase a property before 2021 or is the deadline March this year. many thanks as this stuff isn’t really to my strengths. All the steve
  10. Hi Everyone, Happy New Year. We are in the process of putting our house on the market here in Dorset, UK to start another challenge in life. We are planning to come to Puglia over the Easter period for a few weeks, ideally we would like to visit as many places as possible to get a feel for where to eventually purchase a property. Once we know the approx area we plan to come back maybe in the summer and again in the winter for a longer period before parting with any hard earned cash. In a perfect scenario we would like a 3 bedroom house with some separate accommodation so we can do the occasional Airbnb (or similar), a little land so we can grow our own vegetables, close to the sea, maybe buy a small fishing boat ? - learn To kite surf ? and simply enjoy life. We are currently 49 and 46 years young and have 4 daughters which only the youngest now lives with us aged 15. We are hard grafters and are lucky enough to be able to move without relying on any paid work. We are a little worried about brexit and don’t know how that will effect things etc but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. i am a fully qualified gas engineer, HETAS engineer and professional chimney sweep so happy to put those skills to use to help any fellow expats or locals. if any members are around over the Easter period and would like to meet up that would be wonderful. All the very best Steve and Lisa
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