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  1. Good luck with the second viewing. Sounds exciting. It's blowing a hooley here today and freezing cold - make the most of the sunshine! I'm lighting all the stoves in our showroom today. ;-) Would love to meet up one day. Kim & Steve
  2. Dear Steve, Lisa & Gracie How's it going? Any favourite spots yet? Have you viewed any properties you like the look of? We're looking forward to coming out at the end of May to sign off on our purchase. Kim & Steve :-)
  3. Hi Mark We’re using Annacarin for our property purchase in May. email annacarinletizia@gmail.com She’s been really useful and helpful so far. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi Steve & Lisa Thanks for the reply. We paid our deposit on the casalare (glorified shed!) this week so it’s full steam ahead. We sign completion on 29 May. Our first job is to fit a stove - of course! Hope your Easter trip goes well and you find what you’re looking for. We looked at 12 properties in 4 days and what we’re buying we would have rejected from the photographs - the estate agent suggested we go there - bit of a ‘wild card’. Keep an open mind and you might end up falling in love with something totally different to what you have in mind! Let us know how your trip goes. Kim & Steve
  5. Hi Steve & Lisa My partner, Steve, and I are in the process of buying a little casalare near Celgie Messapica. We won't be able to spend much time there for a few years yet (our son is 13) but are looking forward to holidays and perhaps renting it out after refurb. We own a solid fuel stove showroom & installation business incidentally (hence my interest in your post!). Hope you enjoy your trip in April. We were blown away by Puglia - the people, the countryside, the beautiful towns... We hope to be back in late May to sign the completion paperwork. Gulp! Kind Regards Kim
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