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  1. Wonder if anyone can help? We have a 5 acre plot near Ceglie with 300+ trees (a mix of olive, fruit, nuts). Is there a demand from people wanting to rent land? Not the house itself, but to ‘farm and maintain’ the plot. Would anyone know a rough annual cost to cut the grass on such a plot - it would need a man and tractor, three times a year. Thank you!
  2. Kipper pate... yum... We live in the Isle of Man, so have kippers coming out of our ears.
  3. Long coats protect dogs from heat . No idea why a short coat in winter is nature's way of coping with the cold!!!
  4. Shame :-( How are the pups?
  5. I don't know how you do it.... Hope you found homes for the poor little mites. So distressing. There is some kind of sanctuary / shelter on Facebook called ENPA Ostuni - can they help?
  6. We'd love to. Thank you. I keep imaging how lovely it would be at Christmas - the markets and the lights.... Enjoy!
  7. Dear Chris & Catherine, Sounds lovely. We bought a little casolare near Ceglie in May this year but it'll be for holidays only for a good few years yet. :-( Colleen - please can I be added to the list of members wishing to stay in touch? Thank you! Kim
  8. Hi Bob, Can I possibly have the details of the builders please? We're going to need some works doing and it's great to have positive recommendations. Cheers! Kim
  9. Oh flippin heck! That's when we're in Puglia. Thank goodness for catch up! Will you be watching through your fingers?
  10. We come to Puglia on Monday 27 May and will stay until Friday 7 June. Yay! As well as sign on the dotted line for our little casolare near Ceglie (and do all the boring and frankly terrifying formalities of opening bank accounts etc), we want to see more of Puglia and show it off to our friend and our teenage son. There won't be much we can do on the house itself on this visit - we won't even be staying there. Any suggestions? We love... (well, the adults do anyway, I can't pretend our 13 year old will be overly impressed) Antiques and vintage furniture / homeware Eating out Walking Puglian wine! History & old towns Any events that will take place, including flea markets, food markets etc. Thank you! Kim :-)
  11. PS A Place in the Sun have announced their new series starts this Monday.
  12. Hello from the Isle of Man! We're completing on our Puglian property in apx 2 weeks time. We used an estate agency in Fasano called Casa Puglia. We have no complaints so far, but let's hope the sale goes through smoothly. We are using a translator called Annacarin who has been extremely helpful (it's fair to say she's gone above & beyond and pointed out a few potential pitfalls we weren't made aware of...). She is extremely efficient plus her husband is an architect so they have lots of contacts in the trade. You can contact her at annacarinletizia@gmail.com Good luck and keep us updated! Kim :-)
  13. Interesting! We love a Place in the Sun so look forward to seeing your episode when it airs. The house looks lovely. We are coming to Ceglie to complete purchase of our little casolare in two weeks time. Can't wait! Our Casolare is about 5 miles out of Ceglie. Maybe see you around sometime. Kim ;-)
  14. Good luck with the second viewing. Sounds exciting. It's blowing a hooley here today and freezing cold - make the most of the sunshine! I'm lighting all the stoves in our showroom today. ;-) Would love to meet up one day. Kim & Steve
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