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  1. Sorry for the very late response Hayley, I managed to get Reggie sorted with a friend in the end but I was passed a recommendation for a sitter, not eure if she house sits but comes highly recommended if you would like the details. Hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather, that was a very chilly winter! Catherine
  2. Hi Bob and Lucretia, Chris and I bought a villa on the road between Martina and Ceglie and are here full time. I'd say we must be quite close to each other so would love to meet ip with you when you are over :) Catherine
  3. 2.99 a tin ...ridiculously expensive
  4. We are on the Ceglie - Martina Franca road if you can get your hands on beans I will happily collect. Where are you?
  5. Count me in. Chris is really missing baked beans I wanted to surprise him with some heinz booty so was sad to leave empty handed
  6. None left, made the trip and the shelves are empty
  7. We have previously left Reggie with a local ‘dog sitter’ and are not comfortable leaving him there again. So as we are heading back to Ireland for a week in Jan wondered if any of you could recommend someone. Reggie is a small westie- shih tzu mix and very much a house dog so looking for a home from home for him really. Martina- Cisternino-Ostuni area. Thanks!
  8. On a walk with Reggie the other day we decided to walk as far as Almond pasticceria. I know filling our faces with custard filled tarts defeats the purpose of an amble but off we set with Chris confirming it was only a couple of kms from our position. I think his gps was skewed as over an hour and 2 large blisters later we arrived. I earned those pastries but dreading the walk back dispatched Chris to power walk back for the car while I limped back with Reggie avoiding death by speeding boy racers and elderly api drivers, not to mention setting off every guard dog within a 5 mile radius. We discovered it was actually 3 and a half miles, one way! Note to self check google maps myself and while delicious, the cannoli was not worth the walk. Will stick to the cycle path in future.
  9. Hi Kim, It such a lovely part of the world and keeps pulling you back don't you think. Look us up when you are next back Catherine
  10. Im slightly lucky in having a better idea of culture and norms but Chris was a bit shell shocked. Lol
  11. Thanks for the shout out. How long have you been here?
  12. Thanks for reaching out. Maybe catch up next time you are both back.
  13. Thanks Collen, Cisternino is really near to us less than 10 mins away so if you fancy meeting up for coffee and a chat...might need to pick your brains about a few things lol. Catherine
  14. Finally we have almost finished the work on our home in the Valle d’Itria. It has not been without its trials and tribulations. 20 years ago I taught English in Piemonte swearing I would return to live and in May this year my partner Chris and I with Reggie our dog drove from Belfast to Puglia to take up residence in the home we fell in love with last year. Furniture followed and we are now firmly established outside Martina Franca on the road to Ceglie. We have spent the most of our time here making our house a home. Hoping to reach out and say hi to other expats new and more established in the area and perhaps meet up and share experiences. We both have had stressful careers so have taken early retirement and looking forward to enjoying the country life. Chris and Catherine...and Reggie
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