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  1. Perfect. We've been coming to the area for 15 years but as we are both now retired we'll be coming out to our place more often and it will be nice to really get to know the area. We find it quite difficult to find out what's on out of season.
  2. Great links. It would be good to have Italian guides so that we can practise our Italian. Thank you!
  3. There is a new restaurant calked Happetito on the main road up from Fasano towards Selva di Fasano. It's abit hidde but it's right opposite the AGIP garage. We went there in Feb. Good food offering, reasonably priced and takeaway service available. Doggy bags also provided if you can't eat everything. Parking, childrens play area and outdoor seating. Views of sea in distance. Great pit stop after a day out altho only open until 5pm in the winter. Are there any other recommendations for places to eat in Fasano? We hardly ever go into town but last November we noticed that there seem to be more cafes open.
  4. Hi there This is really helpful. Thank you.
  5. Hi there We'll be visiting Puglia several times this year and wonder if there are any local walking groups that we could join? Looking for an opportunity to get some exercise and converse with some of the locals. We will be based in the Valle d'Itria. Thanks Violetta
  6. Did you know that from 12 June Easyjet are flying to Bari from Gatwick on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays? We'll be sticking with Ryanair as we live near Stansted and prefer flying into Brindisi but it is always good to have another option.
  7. Hello I'm also looking for a pergola and would be interested in having Dave's contact details and also the name of the other guy if you ever remember it. I don't have to have the work done this year so does not matter if the guy is busy. Is the guy with no name Italian? I think you need to send a PM with this sort of info - is that correct? Thanks Violetta Hi there Does anyone know where you can buy a sturdy but good looking wooden pergola for by the pool? Our guests continually break our umbrellas so we want a permanent structure by the pool for this season. We have seen some massive ones but want one that fits maybe 4 loungers side by side and provides adequate shade. Any ideas please let me know. I know Leroy Merlin has some very large metal ones which are not so attractive..... Many thanks
  8. We bought all of our holiday home furniture at Conforama (or EmmeZeta as it was 5 years ago) and have been quite happy with it. Their delivery service was very efficient. We also bought our kitchen furniture there and they also installed that and plumbed in the sink. We thought the installation charge amazingly low - but then it is an very small kitchen - a small utility room by English standards!!! On another trip we got two large wardrobes - all flat packed but again they put the stuff together for us and again it did not cost much for the labour. It could be worth a visit and would be closer for you than Ikea. Violetta
  9. Can anyone recommend restaurants near to Selva di Fasano - we already go to La Grande Quercia. Thank you.
  10. Violetta


    We were also burgled - last November. On the first attempt they were disturbed by our neighbour. They took our washing-machine, hob and oven and a few small items. We have now had security bars fitted which our neighbour had and the bars seemed to put the thieves off. However, we have recently spoken to other local Italians who have said they have the Vigilanza. Although I also have concerns about using them, I am beginning to think there may be advantages. I have also learnt not to be too open with locals, telling them we have a holiday house etc etc. I have also wondered (like Truffles) if I would have bought in Puglia if I had read this site first as it seems to me that the incidences of burglary amongst the Posse is very high. I guess I live in a pretty safe part of England and that is why I am feeling so nervous. I would certainly hate to arrive home to find the burglars still on the property like you did . That could even be more scarey than me finding a snake in the rockery at the week-end. Small, black and white. Anyone know what it was?
  11. We bought a holiday home in Puglia 3 years ago and I remember reading in a magazine that we should have an Italian will drawn up. Is this something anyone else has done and can they give any advice on what specifics we should include in the will? Have found this site and Puglia Uncovered really useful. Looking forward to trying some of the restaurants recommended. Also reassuring to know that others have (or are) experiencing the same as us vis-a-vis the Italian way of life. Now that the house is finished (and we don't have to spend all our time in Emmezeta) we are hoping to enjoy our trips to Italy more this year we may even get to one of your get togethers.
  12. I can recommend La Grande Quercia in Selva di Fasano (closed Wednesdays I think). Part of the restaurant is in a trullo and the other on a terrace. Food ranges from pizzas to steaks to seafood (if you like octopus and cuttle fish). Have not had time to try any others yet but will post more info when I do.
  13. Violetta


    Re crime, we have also been advised by our neighbours to have gates, fences etc etc. The only crime I have heard of personally is a theft from a car. Some friends parked for about 10 minutes in Brindisi on their way back to the airport, the boot was broken into and all luggage taken - including one passport. Obviousy not a nice thing to happen on the last day of a holiday. Of course, this could happen anywhere but guess it is just a thing to bear in mind when out and about for the day. Regards Violetta
  14. Hi there Just logging on as a new member having bought a house 2 years ago in Selva di Fasano. It has been interesting to hear that other members' experiences of Puglia/Italy are not too different from our own. Wish we had had some of the information during the completion of the sale/house! Have just spent a wonderful week there and looking forward to our next trip in the summer. Regards Violetta
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