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  1. clint

    puppy dumpers

    They just caught an old low life in S Vito who dumped 4 puppies on the latiano road he has now been charged I hope they don't give him the maximum prison sentence because it is only 1 year and given he is 79 won't even do a day but I hope they give him the maximum fine of the 10k per each puppy
  2. never heard of that before so I did a search I think they are referring to trasferimento di cubatura, this applies when one builds less than the maximum amount allowed and give the owner of another plot of land (usually next to his/hers) the amount of cubatura not used to either build more than allowed or to make it up to the minimum required to build. Someone I knew bought a plot of land next to her property to then find after purchase that she couldn't build on it or use that land volumetria to extend her property because the right to build on that land had been "given" to someone else
  3. clint

    The Hunters

    Only hunters can walk through private land if not fenced, anyone else, if the owner of the land decides to can report them for violazione di propieta' privata/domicilio.
  4. I am one of those with a trolley full of dog/cat food never thought of making a casserole with it I wonder if they use dogs/cats as quality controllers or there actually is a person doing that job
  5. Have a great Christmas
  6. in summer is a light weight coat that stops the dog from over heating in winter thicker coat to keep dog warm and let less cold air through it
  7. I would say normal, GSD do shed a fair amount, apparently the worst thing to do in summer is shaving dogs coat. Your dog will know when to go out in the heat and when not. I never take my dog out during the day in summer, the tarmac temp could easily burn their paw pad. I used to take them out about midnight when it was cooler
  8. clint

    ID card

    we got something similar
  9. clint

    ID card

    after all this time here I still have not managed to get to Lecce, but friends who have been there said it is really nice. I think they are going through the Eurospin branches and do them all up eventually. Our was pretty small and not very inviting but now is more like Lidl possibly slightly bigger
  10. clint

    ID card

    good to hear it went smoothly, weird about finger prints though my OH went last week no mention of that and neither when I went. I know for passport finger prints are requested
  11. I have seen Bailey I might even buy it for Christmas
  12. clint

    The Hunters

    I am shocked you have polite hunters that's a rarity. As an Italian I don't give a fig about traditions that should have gone out with dark ages. These people do as they like regardless of rules and being polite to them has resulted in nothing. It says la legge e' uguale per tutti well the hunters seem to be able to do what they like while we common people can't. You try and walk through private land and you will risk a denuncia for traspassing (violanzione di propieta' privata) try and set fireworks etc near houses and you will end up with a criminal charge, hunters can shoot outside your house and they get laughable fine
  13. Glad you managed to find it locally, gosh I have not had baileys Irish Cream in ages
  14. clint

    ID card

    It is fairly easy, you need to go to the ufficio anagrafe with 1 picture, they will fill in form, take your picture scan it and give it back to you. Fee 22€ from memory in theory it should be ready in a week, although mine was ready in 3 days. You will get the new id card like driving licence. They will also ask if you want to tick the organs donation option. This was in S Vito in October it should be the same all over the country
  15. OMG so sad for the one that didn't make it everything crossed the other 2 make a full recovery
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