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  1. went to get some for Margaret not even 1 can of beans left
  2. clint

    The Hunters

    There are usually 3 hunting days in Sep full season starts October I agree with Digger and do call the carabbinieri if they are not keeping to the above distances
  3. Disaronno bought tia Maria off Pernod in 2009 must admit I can't remember seeing it in any of the shops I have been to ,it seems to be available on amazon
  4. clint

    The Hunters

    I know same around here with hunters walking on public roads with guns ready to shoot every year I end up having arguments with them. Sorry if I sound a horrible person but when I hear hunters ending up dead during a shoot my thought is one less. Horrible horrible people
  5. clint

    The Hunters

    don't mention hunters I detest them and had arguments already with them There was a temporary ban on shooting certain species a while back cause one of the pro animals charities took the regional government to court for ignoring ISPRA's guidelines, the issue was then resolved. Unfortunately hunters are allowed to enter private land if not fenced (1.2m wall or anything that can count as fencing) or if the land is not registered with the local authorities as excluded area (I am not 100% sure how it works but from what I have read one has to apply to the regional government within 30 days from the published hunting calendar to exclude one's property from hunters use) if it is "cultivated" land. Hunting days are usually Wed Sat Sun however in October (from memory it was from 7/10 to 28/10 they were allowed to choose 3 days out of 5 no hunting days during that period were Tue and Fri, they can shoot 1hr before sun up to sunset Hunters have to stay (if shooting away) from roads 50m, houses and live stock 100m if shooting towards them is 100 and 150. Hunters can't walk on public roads with guns ready to shoot, they are supposed to pick up their own cartridges after shooting. In addition caccia al rastrello is not allowed ie more than 2 hunters the catch here is what is defined as caccia la rastrello But these good for nothing pests don't take any notice of regulations as they think they have a right to do what they want here is the current regional law re hunting https://www.atclecce.it/leggi/REGIONE-PUGLIA-LEGGE REG.LE-n.41-del-27.7.2018.pdf
  6. Another Bill Bryson fan here love his writing style always makes me laugh
  7. is puupies everywhere we ended up taking a puppy in as a foster for 1 night 2 months later is still here and not going anywhere, than a month ago 1 of my neighbour came to my house with a 6ish month old puppy (female) she was dumped outside his house and had been there 3 days what do you do leave her out in the street and be pregnant in the next 2/3 months? both have maremmano in them, Casper was about 6 weeks old when he came,1,2kg in weight 2 weeks ago at his 3rd vaccination was 11.8kg he is huge even as puppy. I will ask around for your 3 puppies
  8. definitely some of the mozzarella sold in Lidl here is made in Germany usually the more expensive one is made in Italy. same thing with Fontal really really bad imitation of fontina, mind you it is very difficult to get Fontina down here
  9. the other thing I dislike about Lidl is that the majority of their products are made in Germany with Italian sounding names like mozzarella and many other products. If they want to sell German stuff why they don't use German names for their products, to be honest I really don't have the time to look at each product to find out where it is made. Ridiculous buying things like mozzarella made in Germany here not to mention the quality of it
  10. unfortunately it was grating cheese
  11. I was in a bit of a rush tonight went in and quickly put stuff I needed in the trolley without really checking, got to the till and the girl said you can't have this piece of cheese as it is mouldy and indeed it was went back to the cheese section to get another one, I had to look at 2 others before I found one that wasn't mouldy. When I went back I told the girl she'd better get someone to check the full box. It is not the first time this happens at lidl
  12. 12 years I am from the north but my OH is English the furthest south I have ever been prior to moving here was Tuscany so it was a learning curve to me too
  13. clint

    New wheelbarrow

    I like the colour, don't you have door to door collection in your area?
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