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  1. I am so sorry to hear this which area was it taken from?
  2. when you put the mobile phone no did you put 0044 then drop the 0 from your mobile number?
  3. wonder why they stopped selling them as from their fb page loads of people all over Italy were complaining about not finding them any more
  4. the system is saying you have used more power than the contract allows for the maximum time allowed therefore they have remotely stopped supply it could be a fault the best thing to do is call enel "segnalazioni guasti" you will need POD code (starts with IT.........................) customer number you can get these from your enel bill or by pressing the meter button
  5. To be honest I am very confused on what the pro Brexit people want. Is it "hard Brexit"? if yes why wasting everyone's time get up and leave e amici come prima. If it is we go out and you (EU) trade on our own terms, then sorry but no thanks and again amici come prima As I said totally confused on what this "leave" means Just one thing I seem to remember (probably I am wrong on this) a rule that if one is out of the country for more than 15 years one cannot vote or this does apply to general election only To be honest I just wish for an end to this, is now getting too much and people still don't know where they stand one way or another
  6. no problems when I can walk again if you are in s vito will be lovely to meet for a coffee
  7. I presume they asked for the certificato stato di famiglia but if you are not resident yet I doubt your comune will be able to give it to you and in all my time in UK never heard of an equivalent document. Basically this certificate lists all the "family" and non family members (and their relationship to each other) living in a specific household. there is an autocertificazione print out and fill in this document and hopefully they will accept it https://www.iulm.it/wps/wcm/connect/58a8f4004c1a462a898df92dbaa5725f/autocertificazione+statodifamiglia_def.pdf?MOD=AJPERES
  8. I have been using Francesco Termite for 10 years
  9. Citizenship through resindency is 4 years for EU member states so you should be able to get it that way but you will need lots of documents, having a child who is an Italian citizen should also help. Also you should be able to get a certificato di residenza permanente after 5 years https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/residence/documents-formalities/eu-nationals-permanent-residence/index_it.htm this seems at the moment the best document to get
  10. we had a kitten dumped in our garden in June the other 4 cats are really not that keen on him, very unusual for our oldest cat who always takes the new kittens under his wings. although they don't want anything to do with him and the occasional confrontation they sort get along. I know what for 4 years we had to keep 2 dogs separated not an easy life
  11. Fingers crossed for a new home for her
  12. We have finished black pudding and haggis
  13. While searching for baked beans yesterday I found some on ebay italia not heinz ones, sold in pack of 12s it worked 79c x tin today I can't find it Has anyone checked ipercoop in brindisi?
  14. that's what the girl told me as well it is not a standard assortimento but one of those items that are sold from time to time
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