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  1. clint

    Cash Machine

    I used it Monday it was fine unless people have gone mad and taken as much cash as they possibly can each day as far as I know is business as usual for banks
  2. 100,000 it is very optimistic youngest dead so far 38 a 45 year old paramedic also died
  3. some questions and answers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_dy8M13Uc4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1KN-H8lLkbqY4bL9TWr41KpgB05FUsNUrRsnYp9yuufE5QvfaYxmGeTkA police checks in Via Mesagne near the Chiesa Madre this afternoon
  4. I agree it can be a pain living in campagna having to go to public taps for water etc but to be honest glad we live where we do even just going out for a wonder around our land makes this staying inside less of a problem, if I lived in town right now I think I would go mental. I have read 2 people in any car 1 driving, passenger in the back I guess that if one has to pick 2 kids up one can't very well leave one behind
  5. I don't understand all this panic buying of toilette rolls the corona virus doesn't cause that sort of problems
  6. no more than 10 people in at any one time so once the first 10 are in then it is a matter of 1 out 1 in
  7. some cities like Milan have closed public parks. The point is one can go out for a bit of fresh air but driving to the beach or going out of one's comune is a no. I rang our local vigili because I buy my dogs' food in S Michele they told me that was not an essential trip as dog food is available in S Vito. Went to Eurospin today strictly 1 out 1 in and yes people are getting fined for not sticking to the rules
  8. Peter you are becoming a real Eurospin fan
  9. I am pretty sure there has been no increase for the last 3 years it is 90€ you can download the F24 form from agenzia delle entrate https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/documents/20143/250689/Modello+di+versamento+unificato+-+F24+Ordinario_i+Modello+F24+(2).pdf/b773b043-a490-82de-550a-eda75246efa0 here it shows how to fill the form in https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/documents/20143/236163/Modello+Esempio+1+Modello+F24+semplificato_F24+SEMPLIFICATO+-+TVRI.PDF/de40fce4-2057-2144-8cb3-6762fa15cc31 the consumer association https://www.consumatori.it/tv/canone-rai/canone-rai/states payment can be as follow: Per chi paga con F24, in caso di rinnovo, è possibile pagare il canone:– con un unico versamento pari a 90 euro, entro il 31 gennaio 2020; one off payment – in due rate semestrali pari a 45,94 euro l’una, rispettivamente entro il 31 gennaio e il 31 luglio; 2 payments 31/1 and 31/7 45.94€ each payment – in quattro rate trimestrali, pari a € 23,93 l’una, rispettivamente entro il 31 gennaio, 30 aprile, 31 luglio e 31 ottobre. 4 payments 31/1 /30/4 31/7 31/10 of 23.93€ each End of Jan is also the date to send each here declaration of not owning a tv
  10. https://apnews.com/081cb7ff366549fb996ffec970fe0684/Tribes:-Trump-illegally-approved-oil-pipeline-from-Canada
  11. this is the official statement from the agenzia delle entrate https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/Aree+tematiche/Canone+TV/ "Anche i residenti all’estero devono pagare il canone se detengono, in un’abitazione in Italia, un apparecchio televisivo. Il canone tv viene addebitato direttamente in bolletta dai gestori di fornitura elettrica. Dal 2016, infatti, è stata introdotta la presunzione di detenzione di un apparecchio televisivo in presenza di un’utenza per la fornitura di energia elettrica residenziale. Il canone, quindi, non potrà più essere pagato tramite bollettino postale. L’importo del canone è pari a 90 euro l'anno."
  12. One of these days I am going to read again Bury my heart at wounded knee. While, rightly, there is a lot of remembrance for the victim of holocaust very few remember the massacre of ten of thousands of Native Americans the only rightful owners of that land, not to mention Trump trying to destroy/take what little was left to them with his policies
  13. do you have a geometra dealing with the required planning permission? if yes he/she should be able to help you. IVA should be 10% we had to sign a self declaration stating ownership of the property, planning permission no etc (there is a certain format to use) for each company that carried out work. Here is a link to the agezia delle entrate https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/documents/20143/233439/Ristrutturazioni+edilizie+it_Guida_Ristrutturazioni_edilizie_Maggio2019.pdf/ed587c35-c2d6-7346-b79f-e2409b6a8c92 go to page 12. The 10% is applicable on labour and material if supplied by the builder, if a 3rd party supplies the materials then on those materials iva is 22%. Also for certain type of work in the link they take bathroom as an example not all of the cost is at 10% iva, they explain as follow total cost of bathroom refurbishment 10,000 cost of materials (taps bath/shower etc) 6000 IVA at 10%% on 4000 (10000-6000) IVA at 22% on 2000 (6000-4000) I hope it helps
  14. if the law was "removed" then it does so nationally can you please find out exactly what law they are referring to I am really now very puzzled
  15. clint

    puppy dumpers

    They just caught an old low life in S Vito who dumped 4 puppies on the latiano road he has now been charged I hope they don't give him the maximum prison sentence because it is only 1 year and given he is 79 won't even do a day but I hope they give him the maximum fine of the 10k per each puppy
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