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  1. having been bought up on italian food in the uk... ( italian mother from Bari).... I can say the only things i really miss are.... bacon and marmite...when in UK miss... ohh sooo much.. I must agree however that the diet is very samie here... in most resaurants.... there is one I use that has very different food, but is expensive.... and I have found a local chinese... yes... i would like to be able to eat food from around the world...but.... having chosen to live here... feel its up to me to learn how to use the local ingredients..... using nonna receipe book and talking to cousins etc... sorry, but if you want to eat like the english... well.... enough said... sorry..
  2. I have been asked to post the attached... which of course i agreed to... hope to see lots of you there! Mirella Giovedì 12 novembre 2009 Al British War Cemetery di Triggiano Il Revd Kingsley Joyce MBE TD, cappellano anglicano a Christchurch, Napoli, celebrerà il rito di ricordo per i caduti al cimitero inglese. ore 11.00 Saremo grati della partecipazione As you see Rev. Kingsley Joyce will be visiting us again for the Remembrance service. After this there will a celebration of Holy Communion nearby at Valenzano, via Ceglie 5, at about midday. All are welcome to come back for the service and stay to have a bowl of hot soup and a bite to eat. For further information tel. 080-4671898
  3. THANKS I will let her know,.. its a Celta course she is doing as she was told that was the best... what she is really looking for is to work in cape town... that is the goal and puglia will pass the time until then!
  4. sarah is going to York ... not many celta courses only one available..
  5. just a word of warning.... even if you have permission, as I have, you can still come unstuck.. we have permission, work has been progressing, then our neighbour decided she did not like it, she has taken us to court, you have to bare i mind the codice civil which is over and above the planning permission... still noone has been able to explain to me how a valid permission may not be valid....If i find anything out i will keep people posted, we only have the second hearing coming up... so may takes years... who knows...
  6. [it may be different as we are near Bari, but I have been told the going rate here is 25 euro per hour and half, that is if you heve the celta qualifications.. my daughter is currently doing the course in the uk, they only take graduates, and then is to come over to teach... there seems to be lots of people seeking tutors in this area..
  7. i have used the one in torre canne, your doctor can give you a prescription to use it!
  8. here is another, you can see I have been busy as only post as I make... I have also tasted all, not this years but my cousins from last year..... 10 Bay leaves ½ lt alcool 400gms sugar ½ lt water Mix water and sugar together, when cool mix with bay leaves and alcool, leave for 20 days Makes a lovely digestive – very green
  9. Strawberry liquor 350 gms of strawberries 350 gms sugar 350 gms alcohol 100 gms water Bottle of estratti per liquori ( fragile) ( stops strawberries loosing their colour) Cut strawberries into very small pieces, put all into a hermetically sealed container, do not mix water and sugar together first, then leave in the sun for 20 days, No need to filter, strawberries can be thrown out if you really want, but I leave them in and eat them! After 20 days, eat, and drink…. now is also a good time to start drying out your garlic and oregano
  10. [nespole is a type of fruit, in UK used to be called medler, orange in colour, looks awful but sweet and tasty, find it on any market stall ...
  11. Amaretto di Sarono 1 lt water ½ kilo sugar 92 nuts from nespole 200gms alcool Mix the water and sugar together, boil for 2 mins, leave to cool When cool mix with the nespole nuts, and the alcool. Leave out in the sun for 40 day ( a balcony will do) Filter Drink forgot to say, must all be put in hermetically sealed jar to follow, what to do with the glut of strawberries!
  12. I have a fisheman friend who runs a boat from Mola, he does not speak any english, if you wish i could let you have his no, its a proper working boat.... so may not be what you are after, but it is the real thing
  13. this sounds great, and my daughter is just finishing her ancient history degree so want to take her, are there any other places in the area that people know of, she loves the greek pottery and all stuff roman etc.... thanks... also heard that at least one town locally has ancient greek as its dialect... so must add that to the agenda
  14. can let you have one in Mola di Bari, but that may be too far... but if interested let me know...
  15. can i just let everyone know that the car boot is still going on, its not limited to posse people, and if you are interested you need to contact Richard and Vicky, their details on the notice, and i only passed on the message and am not organising it. If you dont contact them you wont be included in the numbers.... Is worth going if only to see what they have done with their trullo, and they have the 'best' view........ I am selling a truckload of stuff....so dont need to set up stalls if you dotn want to.
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