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  1. You drop the zero as you said.. Be surprised if they accept a foreign mobile number but try anyway.
  2. Submersible pump? They use the same to empty cisterns and pools. Most contractors have them or pool companies.
  3. Hi Lisa, I understand you do not have an italian sim although worth having. With the enel form you should have been given the chance to put in an email address to confirm your registration. After so long that confirmation expires, I think is a couple of days, so you should get a new chance to confirm registration. Are in in the UK now or Italy? You could go to one of the enel shops and try and resolve directly with them or if you have someone who speaks italian or yourself, call enel and ask them to send you a copy of the bill by email so it can be paid. They will give you the amount and an account detail so you can send the payment. Do you have a copy of an old bill somewhere...if you get completely stuck, send it to me and I will try and sort it out for you. Best Colleen
  4. I believe you need a permit if you are creating a new entrance but would not imagine that would be necessary just to put some gravel down. I used the big rocky stone to create a base then sand, and it became like a concrete over time once the rains come. Although some border may be a good idea to keep it in place. Riso or small gravel stones are also a pain if you come to cut the grass, anyone in range will be shot!
  5. Dear All, We at PP have decided to add costs to Self Promoting Ads and to the selling of items above 250€. As Rules numbers 2 and 3 seem to have either been forgotten or unread. All posts must first go through admin. This will generate funds to keep the website running and also to help towards the animals which is why PP was started 10 years ago. Therefore, the following costs apply: Selling of Houses 250€ for 3 months. Seasonal Rental Ads - €35 for 3 months Long term Rental Ads - €25 for 3 months Items of value of more than 250€: From 250€ - 400€ - 10€ 401€ - 750€ - 25€ 751€ - 1,500€ - 40€ Self Promoting Ads in Posts of any kind - 25€ for each promotion plus 10€ for any additional posts. NB. For posts where members request help, you can reply saying you are available with no website or personal details inserted unless you wish the above to apply. Otherwise, you may choose the pm system.
  6. If you wish to self promote your company, it is by payment only. Otherwise, someone who has used your services has to recommend you. If you wish to reply to a request for help, just say you are interested and get in touch via pm, please Cost is 25€ otherwise to self promote
  7. You could speak to chris barber. He has lots of experience with pools and constructions. 3341818398
  8. The city and museums of Ostuni are hosting a presentation of a novel, author Valeria Vescina Warszewski (one of our members) "That Summer in Puglia", on the 31st of August. I invite Valeria to give you further information about the book presentation which I thought some of you would be interested in attending.
  9. I appreciate your viewpoint but they were given many a chance to stop in the past. I have pulled them on it to what gain? Only for them to return with snide comments, and I do not appreciate that a forum free and for Puglia is abused. They had some useful information to give but the balance was online bullying. Yes, it is sad they had to be banned but equally sad that as someone said, that they hijacked the forum and put me in an awkward position to have to take such action. The other choice would have been to close the forum altogether but why for a minority? Damned if You do and damned if You don’t.
  10. Contact Giuseppe on here he is a lawyer and should be able to advise you if your rights. Sounds like you need to engage either an interpret or the law. As far as I am aware, any branches on your land you can cut as long as you send them back to her. Perhaps anything you do, you should record photo graphically or video in future. Neighbours are either a nightmare or the best you could ever wish for. No in between.
  11. Party Social SPIRITO LIBERO, organizza quelli di dietro la villa Carissimi amici siamo lieti di annunciare, dopo il successone del 19 maggio, la serata "Quelli di dietro la villa" summer edition. Vi aspettiamo nella splendida location MASSERIA MONTEDORO sulla strada per Ceglie a pochi km da Martina Franca. Per chi è venuto, per chi non ha potuto e per chi non ci ha creduto...!!! To be held on the 14th of July at the Masseria Montedoro road for Ceglie Messapica. Start time 22.00. Should anyone wish to come, I would ask that you send me your names and numbers as soon as you can via pm. I have a limited number of guests I may take, and it would be great if we could meet up should you be in our splendid Puglia!
  12. Thank you for your online support, phone calls and emails. I too hope the posse thrives with helpful tips and comments, with Puglia at heart. Look forward to reading new and useful threads. Newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and I hope oldies respond with their experiences. Happy hot day in Puglia!!
  13. Hi everyone, I have been absent for a long time from the forum due to either my medical condition or my need to work. However today someone alterted me, woke me up to the degradation. My first reaction was to close the forum, its worth is certainly as a forum in decline, sadly. Some have made it their mission, it sems to make it so. So some of you will disappear. I am sad, not to see you go, but because it has taken me so long to take a stand. So I bid you farewell. Admin
  14. Try Bruno in Martina Franca. Although he is in Martina he works quite far from his home town. Has also a geometer who can help you. His assistant speaks English but if you prefer, email them at antonella.semeraro@mditalygroup.it bruno.maggi@mditalygroup.it 348/8575281 They can get you a written quote. Your in ostuni so should be fairly easy to get a pool if there are no particular restrictions in your area.
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