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  1. That could work, need to set it up but think it would be a good idea in the long run, it will refresh the site too.
  2. Having looked at the admin site, I would need to look at each member and delete them individually for none activate use. Or we could create a list of those wishing to stay, which would be quicker for me, you could nominate them also. I would then compare that list to the members list in admin, and delete only those not on the list. We could leave it open for a couple of weeks, those who do not sign up will be deleted. And would have to reapply but would lose all their credits and would have to join as a new member. What are your thoughts?
  3. Hi Digger, It is a thought for sure. I have had people come to me though after two years, saying I use to be a member, forgot my password etc. Plus of course there are those that look and do not contribute. Must say though it is an idea that has crossed my mind many a time in the past. Anyone who has not been using the site for awhile could soon resubscribe.
  4. I know two people who were fined in Ostuni (neither of whom were resident there so made it worse for them), 600€ each for dumping in an area which was previously designated an area for rubbish collection and still is, but they both just put it next to the bin, and were fined however. Equally they had not separated the rubbish. Also Ceglie fine a restaurant owner from Martina, taking his rubbish to Ceglie. Not sure how much.
  5. Cameras going up around Cisternino for unlawful dumping of rubbish finally! With some heavy fines.
  6. The police normally come to you within a few days of making your application, sounds like you've been waiting for a while?
  7. They are in ostuni territory so they cannot bring to Cisternino. They need to take to galante on a tuesday morning. I did actually let Chris know.
  8. If the road is private then I can well imagine they will not go down the lane, it would have to be taken to the main road or to the point when private becomes public as they do in my district. All the neighbors put in the same area at the end of the lane, they have told me they will not cross the private lane. Is it so far away? I imagine it is not legal to just hold in to someone's land. With regards removing buns, yes it happens, so tie it to the wall. That is what we do. Whereabouts is the property?
  9. the recycling centre only takes items separated and nothing that is non-recycled items - collection of unrecycled items occurs on a tuesday throughout the cisternino territory directly from the properties - they need to go to the cisternino council and pay their rubbish taxes, if they have not already done so, then go to the recycling centre with their receipt - they will then be issued the bins for recycling and the calendar for when it is collected
  10. Please note this is not the same Mimmo I referred to in my earlier message. Mimmo Fumarola is an expert when it comes to humidity and has 30 years of experience in dealing with it plus he is the designated representative for certain products that other constructors can not get hold of.
  11. Yes, he works quite wide of martina.
  12. If you would like a constructor but also damp specialist in Puglia, based in Martina Franca, contact Mimmo Fumarola (also on whatsapp) mimmo.fumarola@libero.it +39 339 440 7944
  13. Hi and welcome, Getting a mortgage in Italy for the locals is quite difficult so you may need to consider mortgaging in Ireland and bringing your funds over to Puglia. However, our bank in Cisternino showed an interest in mortgaging recently. Banca Carime, part of a bigger banking company UBI. Each bank has its own policy on mortgages so do not necessarily stop if the first one, says no. The individual branches also tend to equally have their own thoughts. You would need to prove income of course and it would have to be translated in Italian, I imagine. The bank who then issues the mortgage would demand a survey without a doubt and all the documentation pertaining to the property. May take a bit longer but they would be able to give you an idea of success or not from the outset. 100% however would unlikely be granted. Initially you need to get an interview with the bank manager. So I would start there. Good luck!
  14. Pool permissions will be required for a sale and the vendor is responsible. But of course, if he sells without including the pool in the price or a much lower price, and the buyer accepts this, the buyer will then pick up the bill to get retrospective permission if at all possible to achieve. But adviseable to be done before any sale. You need a geometer (someone with the know about ceglie especially) to help to see IF it is possible to get retrospective permissions. Pools today also should be 40 cubic square metres so 10 x 4 for example. Ceglie is not the easiest council to get the solution you wish to achieve.
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