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  1. Hi everyone, thank you for asking Kizzy. The pups arrived with parvo disease so had to be treated at the veterinary, where they have been for the past 8 days. Except for one, who died within 24 hours sadly. I am hoping that they will be back to eating by mid week. It has been touch and go, they have been very very sick. Of course I cannot keep them. But there are no takers either.
  2. Hi Mr. e Mrs P, Just to let you know that the 21% tax situation is now on hold, after protests after the Airbnb fiasco. And rumours are that they may reduce that figure too. That is going to be reviewed soon hopefully so that we know what we are doing for 2020. I will leave others to let you know what they have done about offsetting bills against any eventual UK tax. For me, it would not seem logical to allow Italian expenses to be set off against UK income tax just as it is not right to pay taxes in the uk against an italian income. However, not everything is as it appears!
  3. And a big X back to Liz. Thank you, will add you to the list.
  4. I have read a few of the Brunetti books too. Easy reads and love the feeling you are travelling around Venice like a local would, and the food sounds so good!
  5. Out of interest Tony, do you have dual citizenship? Dual passport?
  6. They 'power walk' here too but it is more the girls and ladies to get together for an update on the local news. I walk the dogs, and clean their pens out, or clean up in general after them. Keeps me fit-tish. Love tennis but it is a back and knee destroyer. I love to walk on the beach actually, always fun with the dogs, if nothing else keeps them fit!
  7. I am reading Unto the Sons about family history of a Talese family from Maida who emmigrated to the States. An interesting point of view.
  8. Hi Tony, I think the passport usually follows the citizenship, without the latter you would not get the passport. Although I still think it is something you have to apply for, just believe that the procedure is much simpler for anyone who was born here.
  9. No, I doubt that anyone will be thrown out, the grind that turns the wheels in the prefectura or questura are far too slow to catch up with everyone's paperwork situation and as long as one behaves, keeps out of trouble, pays the taxes, doubt that you or anyone will be chased out for not having citizenship. For me it just makes it bureaucratically easier if I've got all the paperwork. Each one of us has a different status here. Some are self employed, some employed with contracts, some for short term or for the long haul, retired or whatever. Each of us chooses to be here based on what we hope to do or are currently doing. For myself being an Italian citizen is the last part of the puzzle and I quite enjoy the bureaucratic challenges too!
  10. If you are not applying for Italian citizenship then you would just request the non-EU residency permit I imagine which sounds much like the permesso di soggiorno. It is all very complicated but I try to follow what gov.uk as best I can as they update it.
  11. Just wondered how everyone else is getting on with their citizenship applications or is it a sensitive subject? Called at the prefecture in Brindisi today just to get an update and also take in my recent income statements. They mentioned that a lot of Brits from the Ostuni area have recently started applying and from June next year, anyone without the right papers will have to apply for the permesso di soggiorno
  12. Thanks for not giving up on us. :-) but no guarantees it will not happen again however. Will add you to the original list.
  13. After the rains and floods around our area, 3 pups managed to either be abandoned on our land or found their way there by Noah's Ark. In any case, like all pups they are adorable and like all pups they need good homes. I have ten to my name or at least under my care and I cannot keep these little ones as it would not be fair to them. They need space which I can not give them. And as we have had dogs in the area with the deadly parvo virus, their little lives are at huge risk. I have approached all the kennels around us, Fasano, Ostuni and Cisternino and of course the usual response is they cannot help. I have approached also the masserie as they are the local sheep dog. And that is the other thing, they are going to be big. Maremmano crossed with breton I believe. If you can help or know someone that can, I would appreciate it with open arms but more so they would too. One male and two females.
  14. @catmullin - can I add your user name to the list of members who wish to stay in touch with us from 2020 onwards?
  15. Not sure if I can help at all but sounds like you should get the installer back or have a good plumber/electrician to look at it. I come across these problems regularly with pumps even when they are often in use over the summer, but the plumber seems to resolve the issue easily enough.
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