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  1. According to an article in the Brindisi report it's the 30th April.
  2. 2nd hand strimmer. Pappillon power 43. 2 stroke, used once a year on a small plot. Sensible offer accepted. 2nd hand rotovator. Vantage 37. 3.7 horse power, 2 stroke. A light machine for a small vegetable plot. 75 euros ono. PM if interested.
  3. Try residence laurito on the manduria road out of francavilla. They do a spa morning or afternoon for 20 euros either Monday or Thursday, use of pool, steam room, sauna, tea or juice I think is included. Treatments available at extra costs.
  4. nero

    Hair Salon

    Not Ostuni but heritage parruchiere in Ceglie messapica speak English. Via Torino, Roberto the owner and Angelica the receptionist both speak English, also good to take a photo of the style you like.
  5. Two seat cushions free Measurements: 66cm x 128cm (cushion 1) 66cm (73cm at wider part) x 133cm (cushion 2). Sponge cushions with removable polyester covers. In need of a wash (sorry!) The original furniture was destroyed over the winter months. Pm me for details, i'm based in Ceglie, those interested I can meet in the vicinity of Ceglie only.
  6. nero

    Local dump

    Dozey, you can phone 800405633 to book an appointment for the comune to come and take these things away for free I believe. There is a bit of a wait but saves you shifting them. Otherwise the dump in Ceglie was due to re-open soon. It's on the industrial estate on the francavilla road out of Ceglie. Perhaps ask at the office on via maggiore vittorio maresciallo, opposite acqua sapone, they will be able to tell you.
  7. I have one Dozey, pm me and I'll send details.
  8. Smb, the same as you I've had mine in a pot since about April. Maybe divide it and try some in open ground. I do remember an old friend had hers in the garden here in puglia, it grew nicely. Vincenzo will be in Martina tomorrow with a wonderful selection of herbs, shrubs and succulents.
  9. If you go to the antique market in martina franca on the third Sunday of every month, there is one plant stall, run by a very knowledgeable man called vincenzo, he grows plants in conversano and also sells imported citrus trees from Sicily, he has a couple of avocado trees in his own garden and will be able, I'm sure, to advise and probably source what you need. We have bought a Japanese pepper tree, lime tree and lemongrass from him, all growing well.
  10. nero


    Clint, try 'suma' shops in Ceglie also a little butcher's called voglia di pollo (via Bari) have small packets of many spices, usually hanging up behind the door or near the till. I have found mustard seeds and black onion seed. Worth a look.
  11. Tuks, you could also try Accento linguistic school in Martina franca. They should be able to help and all speak English. Good luck!
  12. nero


    We have just used one to build a bathroom cabinet with drawers. Based in Ceglie. His son speaks a little English. Pm me for his number if you are interested or you can find him on the industrial estate in Ceglie, off the francavilla road. Take the last road left after the traffic lights where the furniture shop is, go down to the end of the road where there is a car wash, turn right and he is on the left opposite two mechanics. As I said pm me probably easier go explain by phone.
  13. Bella, contact Gianluigi Sorressa at studio sorressa in martina franca. A quick search should find his office contact details.
  14. Hi flora it's just off the francavilla road on the way to the first set if lights. Behind the cafe on the left I think it's banny cafe.
  15. We bought ours from Antico green services in Ceglie, they came and fitted it and 5 years later it's still going strong. The same strong bamboo as mentioned previously.
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