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  1. On 16th of September it was 10 years living here, this summer a nice couple originally from Rome rented a house for Summer, they now live in Lecce and speak absolutely perfect English the woman was very stylish, you do not see many stylish women down here, she said 10 years I bet you have seen some changes, it got me thinking, when arrived I think some people were living in poverty , its not like that now, few had a cell phone although lack of signal did not help but now everybody has a smart phone, all the old women showing off pictures of the kids, people used to pull weeds up to eat have not seen anyone pulling up weeds for a few years, I have eaten it at peoples house tastes like what I imagine seaweed tastes like, I said to the woman from Rome the people do not dress very smart down here, its true she said this part of Italy they do not dress smart , if a man goes to the local village and wears a blazer everyone does a double take, I went to the doctors one day and someone asked if I was the doctor, when I lived in Vicenza on and off everyone was so elegant , I remember we were going out and standing by the mirror and my girlfriend saying "we look fantastic lets go", Puglia and the north really are chalk and cheese, but maybe this is just Lecce I remember people in business suits in Bari, other changes is the shops closing half of all shops that were open when I moved here are closed, and a big disco is half knocked down, the people no longer seem poor but it seems to be shutting down, half the houses here did not even open up this summer, the next 10 years?, I dont follow the politics but I believe Lecce is left wing at the moment and even under the previous admin they wanted to use the house for asylum seekers this would kill tourism although there several Afro Italian families near bye and people dont seem bothered
  2. peterw

    Wizz Air

    Got to be honest the name alone would put me off , Wizz air sounds dodgy
  3. peterw

    LIDL Closed

    https://www.lagazzettadelmezzogiorno.it/news/lecce/1177374/lecce-il-comune-chiude-ldil-l-azienda-amareggiata-abbiamo-investito.html Went to do my shopping and its closed,its supermac that has complained, someone told the bread shops near the other LIDL have been complaining, I always get there 8 AM to miss the crowds but later it was really packed out, more and more people near me were going there, there was a police notice on the door and another hand written one with the address of another supermarket, went to the COOP, if its only this one I will go to Campi next time, even the Supermarket is abusive
  4. peterw

    Baked Beans

    Brindisi from my house there and back 50 miles I would think, there is and Indian shop in Lecce somewhere also several health shops I must explore one day, I bought soy sauce from amazon.it once kikkomans, using local shops, when I first moved here 10 years ago I used the local shops they were full of helpful jolly young people, since then all the young ones have moved on one works in Bricoman and all the shops are run by miserable old sods, they speak the local dialect and take the mickey if you do not understand, English people have been on holidays and complain about this, ask the locals they do not want tourists here, I now go to Lecce or Surbo for needs, I know amazon are bad as the shops will all close but I can order stuff and it arrives fast and its OK, a post office van was here one day and it was all amazon packages. also I have noticed not only I use LIDL as I chuck rubbish in the bins loads of LIDL packaging, the shops here are local shops for local people if you get the drift
  5. peterw

    Baked Beans

    I would have bought Branston if I had seen them, I think Heinz are overrated, I used to buy HP beans when I was in England it was 4 for a pound I think, Eccles cake better known as flies graveyard , they have Cheddar and red Leicester in LIdl from today in a cheese of the world thing, British stuff goes fast in my LIDL I use the one near the stadium in Lecce, the only English speakers I have met in there were Americans ,who buys it?, they have a spot in my LIDL where they sell strange stuff you cant rely on it I got soy sauce once and DUFF beer doh! it was not very nice, I got some work shorts recently, stopping beans is a bit of after for Brexit, LIDL is good for non cows milk people like me, I buy oat milk, HP SAUCE Ipercoop, tea bags amazon.it
  6. This is a good site to watch programs you missed or movies. my bandwidth is slow so I download and watch later https://engvideo.pro/en/ to download start the film move your cursor to center screen right click and save video to computer
  7. peterw


  8. People often say there are so many abusive houses here, I think maybe half of them!, people say if any of your English friends want a house I want to sell. oh getting them legalized is a doddle, I always say you do it then, can you imagine buying a house and finding it should not exist, what a nightmare, one I know of wants 150,000 Euro, this has really hit home to me recently as at least half the houses in my street are not legit , one is incredible a woman bought a plot and another person put a house on it while she was not looking. they have mostly had 40 years to sort this out, today a man near me said to people are coming today and they want to spend 40 grand, it will be abusive for that yes that is what they are looking for he replied , funny people down here
  9. peterw

    Summer 2019

    its goes on and on, the big woman in orange lives 2 doors she is diabetic so I am getting her walk a bit
  10. peterw

    Baked Beans

    I cannot wait for LIDL any longer I ordered 60 tins of Heinz from British Corner shop , it cost about £75 ,some people pay that for a bottle of wine, according to Doctor Greger who wrote "how not to die" people in blue zones where people live to 100 a common thing is they eat a cup of beans a day, I just like them, marmite from amazon.it arrives the next day , so I am sorted!
  11. peterw

    Telly Now On

    I am using the new brave browser, I dont really trust chrome anymore, this browser is so fast, streams tv perfect, blocks all ads, if you are feeling brave give it a go, just google brave browser
  12. peterw

    Telly Now On

    When I bought my house my lawyer said they want more English people as they do up the houses nice then other people nearby do up their houses, this has happened but could be a coincidence , I always think would I come for a holiday ?, I think for a vacation northern Italy is more interesting, more beautiful , and I prefer a hotel not rent a villa, but this is me, I had fantastic holidays in the North, the people seemed nicer but I was always with my Italian girlfriend, I think there is a real snydeyness down here , that is probably not a word but you get my drift , I think if you dont speak perfect Italian they think you are stupid , these are people who cant do anything properly ,they have never been outside Puglia, I have been very lucky as I have found good people to be friends with, got to say all the bad people are men, this summer a man round the corner suddenly was friendly, I said to the woman opposite he wants something I was right, a couple of years ago some expats were here looking for a house, the man said 160,000, it was too much for sure, then he revealed it was abusive, this was the typical stupido English attitude , its on the market for 80 grand now, if I was creating publicity for Puglia you need to target people interested in history as this is an interesting place in that respect , I know you can book a holiday somewhere and they take down puglia stopping at different hotels and looking different places I know because I bumped into people on the tour , using ryanair I have found them ok, interesting incite into human nature , last time I used them you could pay a extra tenner to get on the plane first, the amount of people who try to get who have not paid, cheap people, I was talking to an expat last week I said what do you think of the people after 7 years? mostly sh8t he said, he has someone always lighting fires in his street , I was talking to a crowd of locals last year about the problems this village needs new people I said,its uncivilised , an interesting incite into Leccese and possibly in Puglia is divert attention ploy, they all use it, caught a man reaching through my fence taking cuttings, he knew I saw him, he said to 2 or 3 others take cuttings if you like its OK, I caught them and had a row , another man was chucking rubbish outside his house I filmed it, he started making piles all over the place so it seemed it was not just him, my girlfriend warned me about southerns , she said they mar-- , I wont use the word as I got barred after using it on another forum, but all northern Italians use this word
  13. Theresa announced today she is going to make it easier to change sex, with all the things wrong in the world , one of Obamas last thing was to try and force urinals in womens toilets, people are giving 8 year old kids sex change drugs, I must be a square I suppose but this seems insane
  14. Anyone thinking of a sports cam they really dirt cheap, especially if 1080p is ok for you, where there are loads of 4K sports cam which are also cheap enough 1080 are peanuts, 1080 is good enough for me, the Camkong was 30 quid on Amazon but on ebay there are people selling sportscam including all the waterproof cases for £7, I have sent for one as the cases and attachments are worth more than that, in fact £7 free postage! ebay is great, at the start I am driving into sun and its filming through plastic case so reflection
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