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  1. I have used a lot of bags of compost over the years usually think that is the last one then need some more, I have loads of seeds to try out, 3 new hibiscus I planted sunflower seeds in tubs over Christmas and will move them to the front when I think the winds are over, I have all vulnerable plants behind my house where there is a high wall moving them to the front will be a big job, when I was ill with my heart the doctor said no gardening, I carried on as usually last week went back to the same doctor my heart is perfect, pressure 100, its all good,but if you grow nice things people want cuttings and I am not giving cuttings to people I dont like, I have had big problems for 10 years with a scrounger who steals bits of plant if he gets a chance, and he sells plants , I had a nursery want to take cuttings of my hibiscus, If you sell plants you buy plants my philosophy , a woman near me said puglese are furbi ,yes and infido, this is the men the women are wonderful
  2. I finally started my Vita Sackville West biography , people were so promiscuous years ago every possible combination
  3. peterw


    Did anyone else see Sky News with people panic buying up north Venice area, if there is a baked bean shortage I am good for a year or so, I was behind a family yesterday who bought tons of pasta and other stuff in eurospin , I am well stocked up on most things, dont panic people
  4. Standard bosch blades I have tungsten ones from my other reciprocating saw which is 240 volt, but I wonder if the eurospin in man enough, I used tungsten blades to lightweight blocks durox celcon in the UK, I bet the cordless is better with bosch blades but they seemed costly here I got a pack from England
  5. I have very vivid dreams and I have spoken to other foreigners who say the same is it being by the sea? anyway the point is when I dream I am in London , do we have a default location our brain is set to, I have never had a dream and I am here that I can remember when I wake up, I am usually on the embankment in London trying to get home or in my old house, the room I sleep in here has window and door in the same place as London and when I am dozing think I am back home
  6. I just looked at their website induction hob 34.99 I have been using an induction hob for a while, beats getting bombolas , only problem the Chinese are destroying economies, Eurospins big problem all their breads are vile, LIDL bread rules, even Italians admit its the best, the baker near me only bakes granno bread its hard as iron I think it would easy to break a tooth, getting back to the reciprocating saw its got a pendulum my dewalt had no pendulum
  7. ,I went to Eurospin this morning and while food shopping noticed they have a good range of cordless stuff, I bought a cordless reciprocating saw (standard bosch blades), its fabulous, I had an 18 volt Dewalt reciprocating saw in England this as good or maybe better , they have saws jig and circular " I had a Dewalt circular saw 18 volt in England it was handy , I am tempted to get a couple of things, its a nuisance running leads about, plus I have always liked power tools!
  8. I know when people move here the first thing people think of is criminals, if you told someone in England you were coming here they would say what about the Mafia, but there is little crime compared to London for example and funnily fewer police it seems, if I drive into Lecce I rarely see the police, some direct the traffic outside a school and that is it, when I first moved here a few houses had break ins but they took bars of soap and towels, one house opposite lost an old washing machine another lost a bombola , Italy is interesting no visible police and little crime, I had a Mafia man on house arrest near he was as good as gold, the police caught him standing in the street chatting when they came to check up and they did take is seriously and said stay in the garden,he made me a pizza one day he should been a cook not enforcer, if you drive into central London from where I used to live there police on every corner and bags of crime, its strange, a man I know who is from Holland never carries and documents and he swears the police pulled him up at night and just said "on your way"
  9. peterw

    the weather

    Someone shouted its like summer, loads of people about, 3 campers in the square, I could not figure out where they were from, one number plate had a small f, France or firenza? but the ground needs rain, I wore a make america great TRUMP hat to see the reaction, people said hello in English maybe thought I was American
  10. I am waiting for this to arrive https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49813770-escaping-from-eden
  11. LIDL tomorrow British week starts with Cheddar and biscuits and other delights https://www.lidl-flyer.com/offerte-valide-dal-27-gennaio-al-2-febbraio-volantino-settimanale/view/flyer/page/1
  12. I am surprised but I am becoming a Eurospin fan, nice Oriental Lily bulbs today, this year I have buying sunflower seeds from the UK and LIDL , they had bags of sunflower seeds for cooking I suppose I bought big bag for 99 c, wonder if they will grow? I have thousands of seeds anyway which I plan to plant hither and thither in Torre Chianca, they had poppy seeds to but I refrained , browsing round eurospin its not a bad shop and the punters seem friendly , if you let someone pass they give you the "glad eye" that is unusual down here
  13. peterw

    puppy dumpers

    I do not think the average person here is worse than British people most people I know love their dogs, many people with several dogs near me, one old man near me found a dog a car had hit and paid a vet a fortune to repair the damage, I think the cruelty will stop as the youngsters are different, but its bad dumping a dog, one dumped near me thought his owner was coming back and sat patiently at the road side, someone took him in and he has good life now, he is a beautiful dog why chuck him out?
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