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  1. peterw


    I have just ordered a cheap android phone from wish.com I need android sometimes and have one 3 or 4 years old thought I would try one from wish, looking through their I site I see they sell tasers , disguised as a torch or looking like a classic taser, I wonder if they are OK in Italy , handy thing for thieves
  2. Been a few cases of people chucking young dogs the side of the road lately, beautiful puppies, I would not mind one but my dog would not stand for it, scroll to January 10th https://www.facebook.com/Accalappiamenti-a-Lecce-e-provincia-1815424702008280/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARC7xmGcGC7zzWRD6SPWSd5I8wuVvlZABsIRgqdO7p2_tG-YmRnRPdQ5gBEiuznWTIKOSvMn1zRd_zSv&hc_ref=ARQGI2vFnvV4AJ5DiyXDXEWKGGsR6JDJC8IDdsGXoqQ7669669xnPmRnXdFigRkNmUo&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBx9KA4L5JPG226wva339Og5kUZqWBTXlOk_N6Txd1tDlxkjuZsGxtdg5M0zJGlTdzim6Y1rJXFpv5536nbjkAFlx0W5HaT7wX_Iuv1mfg9eTqYKSWqygfNeux9YMI0zcRY0-3Cro57o5RwnYQuuX38DZtDELuq3yvOqUvllwGwWOvvJr6B0jPm4TCsEyhZRX9gplMaiK2W4or5wcqV54p4LNYJNYp-soBQG2KSvzTkxRuaMfDZKJZWGXcXzlGkcNOkFYtsRoHTdbe9r2mM6VY7Awq4YTGTDNCCOkJwDsQPdLIQL73W04hILq4-cxytqQiJqAIqOa_flRCZGdLH_7vMZfNlUPsAO5xUGQDCOlMhsX8lIBnTGCEn-1ppufqhyO69dxBWjQlZL4AsQVN-a3tppOMyx17DFAc7BmBRVL7mqDRtogPqAkScNSS5biEiK3bpipR3hRjCHAD3ODu8lOEmUSaKETrovnUeZAIZMXl08Z6DR8pBjOjJow
  3. peterw


    I got to go in eventually, I use WD40 frequently and the stuff in UK goes straight in
  4. there are less British people here for sure, there were at least 5 people in walking distance when I moved here, you could hear British people talking walking around in Lecce or the market in Casalabate , I said to someone recently "i am the only English in the village, there could be others keeping their head down I suppose, its probably easier to sell here than someone with an olive farm, there is Bentley with a British flag on the back I see sometimes
  5. I remember when I first moved here going in the local iron monger and asking for WD-40 he had never heard of it and sold svietol which is a poor mans version in a tiny aerosol , now its everywhere huge WD-40 display in Brico, the mystery is the little red tube taped to the side does not fit the top, WHY,its used to direct the spray in looks and things, why does it not fit, is it fake ? if it does not fit what is it for!
  6. peterw


    Does anyone else watch Doctors on BBC?, they use loads of old actors you thought were dead, Joe Sugdan from emerdale was in it recently I thought I saw his obituary , ,maybe its the "Mandela effect" if you dont know what that is google it, one day on Doctors a beautiful woman appeared I though she looks too good for afternoon TV it was Emma Samms
  7. I would love to eat custard but I trying to eat super healthy, I often get tempted walking around a supermarket and when I get home I often throw stuff away when reality kicks in, I bought a pannatone eat one slice gave a slice to my dog and put the rest in the bin, I bought instant custard from british corner shop and was surprised how good it is, the thing I really miss is Dundee cake I love Dundee cake, the creme they put inside cakes in lecce is like custard, I nominate Dundee cake for worlds best cake
  8. Still tons of baked beans in Lecce if anyone is interested
  9. One piece of info and this does cause a slight problem for me you cannot own a EU domain with a British address, and if I want to change to my house in Italy its like starting over, I know that if you let a domain run out there are jackals waiting to grab them on the basis someone will buy it, the one I am concerned about is my name .EU, my name for some reason is just behind John Smith on popularity peterwoods.com belonged to someone in Toronto so I could not get it, he must have died its up for 4 thousand dollars, I know people want one of my domains torrechianca.com its twenty grand! if they really want it
  10. A friend I had years ago in England sister worked for Frey Bentos and had to sit by a conveyor belt chucking out dodgy bits of meat, she said it had to be running back the other way to be thrown out, the smell of Peters pies factory used to make me vomit, cant believe dog food is worse, do not eat anything minced up or processed, when I was young I used to buy pie and chips sometimes in a shop near where I worked until one day I took a peek under the lid of the pie and found a throat pipe of something, people that eat meat should buy piece of meat from the butcher
  11. I went to Eurospin again yesterday, a good thing about this supermarket is its Italian so its good for the economy but more than that I browsed around reading labels a lot of stuff is from Puglia and even Salento, they are selling compost cheaply maybe they always do first time I noticed it, I will get a bag each time I go, they say you can never be too rich or too thin I am nether but I say you can never have too many bags of compost, I waiting for 5 different sorts of pansy seeds to turn up California poppy seeds arrived yesterday, mission bells , planted Tibetan blue poppy seeds a few weeks ago and they are coming up
  12. Will it make much difference? I have an Italian drivers licence, Italian health card, Italian ID card go back and do it all in reverse!, I wonder how customs will work though if you buy from ebay uk, the EU could have been great but it was not, when we joined there was no mention of Africanizing Europe, the EU is far from Democratic who amongst us voted for Merkel who seems to run the show, I am two minds about it but we paid in a fortune and had no say, Merkel, Macron, no kids dont give a dam about the future
  13. peterw

    open source

    If you like free software I have been trying openshot video editor, its not bad, dead easy and better than many pay for programs, some free stuff is OK I have used Clamwin anti virus for around 15 years and it does not slow your PC down , openshot is also available for linux
  14. I would be happy to legalise drugs, all the people I knew that smoked finished up stupid ,it rots your brain, I tried cannabis once not keen
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