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  1. I have been using the other LIDL in deepest Lecce, problem is parking I think people are leaving their cars there all day for free parking, more parking underneath but that seems dodgy to me, a lot the workers from the closed LIDL working there, strange atmosphere I think the sacked the people who worked there and moved the other lot in, I will look for beans next time
  2. peterw

    The Hunters

    I do not claim to know much about shotguns but the men yesterday had the guns ready to fire when walking around, they fold them down in the UK until ready I believe , they fire shot into street signs to give you some idea of their mentality, I grew sunflowers last summer and beautiful birds came to eat the seeds, there are amazing things here that need preserving , my first summer I twice saw a golden eagle I hope he was not shot, also there are wild cats of some sort around a third bigger than a domestic cat, I allow a snake to live in my garden and toads trot about they were here before us
  3. peterw

    The Hunters

    I remember a photo of Prince Philip beside a pile of dead tigers he had killed, what a monster, the starlings were mobbing here getting ready to leave they all had a good bath in the flooded fields, my mum always said starlings are the cleanest of birds
  4. I had some video of my mum and dad but it was near the end and my dad looked terrible, he was 93, he saw the first cars, first planes ,radio arriving, TV the internet, it was on a big backup hard drive with loads of software and stuff I tried to use and it was dead, got the drive out and put in a hard drive reader still no good, I do not care too much because he looked so ill
  5. peterw

    The Hunters

    A few weeks ago or it could be longer there was an article stating there was a hunting ban, it said it was likely to be reversed, I do not know if hunting is legal here, this morning not for the first time hunters were hunting around the old tower, they were also walking around the streets bold as brass, they must know you are not supposed to walk around with a shotgun where people are living, there is more to this the summer before last giant turtles laid eggs in the sand here and people guarded day and night and 60 tiny turtles hatched and marched into the sea, its now an area of special interest and the local bar cant even lay out loungers,these hunters what are they hunting? when I first moved here there were foxes haven't seen any for a while,I remember watching a hunter firing at the herons a few years ago, what revolting people they are. one hunter who was here this morning at 7 returned at 1.30 for more killing, I noticed he had an old silver car and letting his tires down crossed my mind, some people have said over the years the houses should not be here but the truth is they have allowed species to survive with no hunters ,they are not eating the kills I am sure as they do not eat sparrows and blackbirds, or do they? I believe 90% of people do not like the hunters and do not want hunting, there are many signs no hunting on land, there was a story last week in all the papers of a dead wolf in the road run over by a car in Torre Chianca so who knows what lives here, why cant we leave them alone? https://www.corrieresalentino.it/2019/11/giovane-lupo-investito-sulla-strada-di-torre-chianca/
  6. Opposite my house lives in summer a woman who is 88, I like to get her talking about long ago in Salento, years ago this area was known for tobacco growing, and she tells me how the women sat around sorting the leaves into different grades I think it was based on colour ,according to her it was a good job as they all chatted and laughed all day long,she was part of a big family and tells me about her sisters one who was flighty and sang and danced , she told me about how when she was in school and Mussolini was in power they all got nice shorts and white blouses and exercised in unison, she told me of how the Germans in Lecce lined up to rape a girl who lived next door and her mother got a rifle but for complaining , the point in all this I tell her family to video her for future generations , he granddaughter has just had a baby in years to come will watch it. everybody should make a film of their parents talking about the past and their lives, we are forgetting history, my grandmother had amazing stories wish we had written them down, how hard is it to make a video, if your parents are alive do it!
  7. I received £100 , its got my national ins number next to it, my sister thinks we got half each as we are using the same address ,I lived there for a few months years ago and continued to use address for my bank, they for some reason think I live there even though this was changed years ago, they write to me in Italy, I will get my sister to phone up
  8. This month I got what I believe to be heating allowance , should I get it? I have never noticed before maybe I always received it, I do not want to finish up paying for years past if its wrong
  9. There are rambling groups also, one Sunday someone near me said fancy the market today? yes I will come, we have to pick up someone else he said, we went out in the sticks to pick up this woman and there was a band of ramblers doing what they do, I said why would you ramble here its not interesting just scrub, when we came back to drop her off there was a line of ramblers using her toilet, one day the chief rambler had asked if one of the ramblers could use her toilet now they are taking liberties , do not think I would stand for it, they all nodded and smiled, and the woman said nothing, the toilet is like a cupboard in her garden like a site toilet, she is living in a caravan, a rambler is a power walker but slower with big boots and a knapsack
  10. More or less every year my road floods they clear the canal near the sea and its OK, its a bad design , but Lecce floods too, its because there are no drains anywhere, this flooding doesn't bother me much now I stick to the pavement , the fire brigade were here 10 minutes ago one of the people round the corner must have phoned up, I assume they will blow the canal out with a water jet
  11. Where I live most people are 50 plus to stay fit they all "power walk" it looks a bit silly to me, they walk a long way to the next village and back, one couple own three houses they rent out even now they have people, bed and breakfast, some time the guests join them, is this a good way to be healthy? it seems very tedious to me, what does it do to their joints? one man about 70 had a heart op and went on a legume diet, he goes off walking to keep his weight down, he heads in a different direction to the others, some of the women are now in my opinion too skinny, one woman who is 65 maybe is like a skeleton , she has had kids and always kept her figure with abs, now she looks ghastly , people are remarking she looks rough, I have to walk because of no dogs not on a lead it takes an hour before he does his business and that is bad enough, years ago I did a bit of research into people who lived to a good age and the surprise was how well body builders do, nothing like being strong when you get old, I said to the man with the bad heart if this is the answer will you do this when you are 80? he has a son of about 6 with his young partner, I can understand wanting to see his boy grow up, I think being by the sea is healthy so we shall see what happens over the years , last Sunday I drove to the next town for veg and people were striding about everywhere in groups so this has gone viral as they say, its another case of include me out
  12. Rod Liddle said in the end we are not going to leave, they are playing us, people voted just get out now its all about the deal, if there is going to be a deal and the deal seems a bad deal there is a good argument for letting people vote on the deal, this is such a mess, I was talking to a man near me last week and said politicians are all bad in all countries, if they were any good they would not let them stand , how did Kieth Vaz survive so long, scandal after scandal, Biggest supporter Bercow, sick people, back to LIDL went this morning and forgot dog biscuits and chews what I went for, I panicked there were so many people and had the chance to get on an empty till, 3 tills open today , people getting Xmas stuff
  13. Never heard of Maida till now, and Maida Vale is derived from it,who would have thought after a pub name
  14. I am currently reading "Vita's other world" a gardening biography of Vita Sackville-West, only just started but its nice and its interesting, before that I read "Murder in Matera" its not a bad book its about a women looking for the truth about her grandmother who arrived in America fleeing a murder charge, its spoiled a bit by her writing fictional bits to fill in the blanks, before that I read "America Before" by Graham Hancock" I have always believed the history we believe to be true about the world is false, one interesting thing and this has been on the TV news is that beneath the Amazon rain forest is evidence of people living there long ago,in some cases cities, queued up I have another Vita book and one about Gertrude Jekyll , the Murder in Matera I bought be cause of a man who used to be on here writes a blog about Puglia and mentioned it , if you google about you will find the blog , if you watched Killing Eve the woman who is head of MI6 is obviously trying to look like Vita Sackville-west, the Murder in Matera books has bits about the grinding poverty of people in Southern Italy long ago, women smothering babies because better dead than live the life
  15. Do we really need citizenship to stay, can millions of Africans here be wrong, they are not going to throw us out
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