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  1. Great - I am in the UK that day so will be able to watch it - look forward to it.
  2. Thanks. That's useful to know.
  3. My husband had the impression that you even needed the bus from the station. Is that not right? In which case may be worth considering and finding a suitable train.
  4. My husband tried this last year but found that Luton airport was even more difficult to get to than Stansted - and he had a hire car - took forever to get to the terminal, everything was gridlocked and the bus driver said it was always like that. As Bari isn't convenient for us either we're giving it a miss this year, but if Bari is good for you probably worth considering.
  5. Managed to get to the mobile collection. Great - very helpful and took everything. Very different to my last experience - must have caught them on a bad day. Hopefully this solves our problems.
  6. I've just read in The Times that Puglia is banning the sale of single use plastic cups, plates, straws, etc on beaches this summer. Hope they also ban their use on the beach and the beaches end up a bit cleaner as a result. It doesn't say if this is throughout Puglia or just a certain area. Step forward though.
  7. Thanks Digger. I'll start going there. I looked at the Commune website and it does say they take all rubbish - the only place that does.
  8. flying pigs


    We have a Banco di Napoli (Intessa San Paulo) account. Costs 4 euros a month and we only use it for paying the ENEL bill by direct debit and receiving our olive grant. I also like to pay our Commune taxes through it so I always have proof of payment. We have a Nationwide Flexplus account and use that for all our cash. Very good exchange rate and no extra costs for withdrawals abroad. To fund our Italian bank account I take the money from Nationwide out of hole in the wall outside the bank and walk into the bank to pay it in! International bank transfers were very expensive as often the exchange rate is worse than Nationwide and also the Italian bank charges to receive it. Have had no problem with ENEL payments since setting up direct debit and for us it is worth the 4 euros a month just for this! On line banking is very easy too. Nationwide Flexplus gives us European breakdown cover and also worldwide travel insurance including skiing. Their upgrades are quite reasonable, although cover costs more now from age 70. We have age upgrade and extended length of stay to 90 days. It is also possible to extend length of stay to six months for an individual trip, although this is quite costly. We decided it was better value to ensure we fly back to keep within the 90 days. This is important to bear in mind as on the only occasion we have claimed they have asked for proof of travel.
  9. In Ostuni the mobile units had bins similar to this that took the blue health card but was manned and the man would put it in for you if you didn't have a card. We are not residents and not in the health system here so do not have a card. Digger - do you need a card? I understand that it costs the Commune to dispose of the rubbish and that non-tax payers should not use the facilities perhaps but surely this is better than the countryside being littered because there is nowhere else to throw it. We pay our taxes, albeit less for rubbish being non-resident but very high taxes on the house for being non-resident.
  10. I have been refused indifferenziato at the mobile one on the Francavilla road. Also he wasn't always there when he should have been and I must admit I gave up and go to the main isola on the Carovigno road, which is a ridiculous amount of miles to drive to do the recycling! What is the card system Colleen?
  11. Ostuni will also only take recyclable items at the isola ecologica. We have not found anywhere legally to dispose of non-recyclable waste. We have a composter for food waste(provided by the commune), recycle virtually everything else and only end up with one very small bag of non-recyclable a week/fortnight which I put in a bin at a petrol station or supermarket. Officially Ostuni will collect from your house but we have given up trying to get this to happen. In fact our bins have been stolen waiting for collection and the rubbish emptied over the ground! Ostuni had no replacement bins! If your neighbours have their waste collected you will have no problem but if like us the collectors do not come out this far, it seems impossible. However, we have no problem taking large items to the isola, it is only the bags of 'indifferenziate' they will not accept. We have seen them turning away very bemused tourists with bags of rubbish - this can only add to the filth we have in the countryside that I think is the biggest turn-off for tourists. No point spending a lot of money marketing tourism in Puglia if they can't clean up! We haven't been asked for ID at Ostuni isola but always have it with us. Have heard that other ones do ask.
  12. Thanks Digger. We are on the case, but difficult to get it all done by end of April.
  13. Does anyone know whether we have to clear our land by end April as was the case last year?
  14. flying pigs


    They have it in Lidl in the dairy counter with the fresh milk, butter, etc. I think I have seen in in Simply/Dok as well.
  15. So how do we know if our property is legal? We bought ours 14 years ago. If we want to sell (which we don't), how do we get something definitive that it is all legal to pass on to the purchaser. Is it sufficient to say that it is all legal to the best of our knowledge?
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