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  1. see announcements for the Nissan Vanette. many thanks

  2. Hi there, I have a 2001 Nissan Vanette about to go through the motorizzazione italiana as it comes from England. It's working brilliantly. No one problem. Me and the Vanette drove down to Bari from London in 32 hours no stop just last year. Just for that reason I find crazy to sell it but this is the only way to keep it alive. If none of you wants it it will probably be destroyed. I am asking 1000 euro (passaggio di propriety' compreso, I am sorry we have this crapy things here) plus the money I will spend for what you call the first MOT (in order to get it on the italian road) which will be held at Motorizzazione di Bari and will be around 600 euro as the 4 wheels have to be new and it needs to be fixed the smoke pipe in order to pass the test. So it will be around 1600 euro key in your hand! A bargain! Please ask me any info you need. my number is 3475249272, and my name is ezio. thank you very much my best regards,
  3. Hi Alex, I am not. Wine, hospitality and farming is my business. How can I help you? ezio
  4. Margaret try to use Bari instead same website
  5. Margaret.... http://www.airberlin.com/booking/flight/vacancy.php?LANG=ita&sid=9326759cc996f60ad993&MARKT=IT
  6. a bit expensive tho....but still one more option
  7. Hi guys, I am re-registering a Nissan Vanette here in Bari. I drove from London all the way down to Bari in only 32 hours. I had to sleep 3 hours around Parma. it was fun. re-registering a car is about 100 euro of tax you pay at the post office (3 bollettini postali) and you do the test of your car alla Motorizzazione. What you need is called technical certificate of the car which costs about 120 pound. I got mine from Nissan UK. They will drive you crazy tho (the motorizzazione) as the car has to have what that certificate says. Let me give you an example. my 4 tyres are different from what the certificate says. It didn't pass the test. I am buying new tyres. I would say more but I ve gotta go to work...bye guys ps By the way I would love to sell it after the test. Does anyone want it? It is a great van! Of course the driving side is on the right.
  8. Thanks Colleen, did not say much that's why.
  9. Hi everybody, I don't want to disappoint anybody but I am not english and I am actually from Puglia, Bari. Yeah I know no one is perfect...
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