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  1. I've tried all the normal methods of trying to make it rain such as washing and polishing the car, cleaning the windows, having a BBQ etc but nothing has worked. Any qualified Rain Dancers out there willing to perform their magic on my dust bowl?
  2. Hmmm ........ a bit more complicated than I thought. If there was a dedicated section at the top of the home page where any one logging on to the site could register their intention to continue visiting the site, even in a non contributory way, and then after 6 months (?) close the list ....... would that work?
  3. We moved here permanently in 2005 and the 2 things that I noticed as a big problem was the rubbish everywhere and the packs of stray dogs in towns. The stray dogs have definitely become less of a problem but there is still a big problem with some of the locals who have absolutely no regard for the environment when it comes to dumping rubbish along the road side . Hopefully the younger generation will be better educated and eventually it will stop. Indeed internet was abysmal back then but it was not required for watching UK TV. A standard satellite dish and a Sky box was all that was needed to watch all the UK freeview channels . Then the TV companies upgraded their satellites to reduce the footprint of the signal so a bigger dish was then required until eventually it was not possible to receive anything by satellite. Luckily this coincided with the introduction of better internet providers and faster download speeds so now all freeview channels are available through, for example, https://britishtv.club/ Lots of Brits have sold up and moved on in the past few years for various reasons and due to the poor exchange rate, and Brexit uncertainty, a lot fewer looking to come now. Other Europeans now seem to be the main house buyers.
  4. Although Puglia Posse has over 2000 members I would estimate less than 50 are actually active members and most of these are located between Fasano and San Vito. *** Message to admin - if listed members have not been active for a couple of years should they not be automatically removed?
  5. Digger

    Wizz Air

    Hungarian owned, started up by a group of pilots apparently.
  6. Digger

    Baked Beans

    I also now buy baked beans ( Branston brand) from British Corner Shop along with sacks of Tetly tea bags and other "Essential" items such as Malt loaf, HP sauce, Colmans mustard and various Colmans & Schwartz packet mixes. My last order, a week or so ago, included a pack of Eccles cakes, first ones I've had for over 15 years! Think my next order will include a few more packs of them!
  7. Any measure to cut down on bags of rubbish being dumped is welcome but I fear it will have little effect across the region as a whole. The verges of every main road and country lane are littered with plastic as freshly discarded carrier bags and bin bags appear on a daily basis. Perhaps, to be effective, the cameras will need to be re-positioned frequently?
  8. Wizz Air's service from Luton to Bari seems to be ending in the next few weeks. Despite being able to book flights for the Christmas period a few months ago these have now been cancelled and there is nothing on their website to indicate if flights will resume next year sometime. Relatives who had booked to come here for Christmas were offered alternative flights to ATHENS!! Getting a refund is also long winded and it is only possible to contact them on a premium rate phone line. A serious contender for taking the "worst airline" award from Ryanair!
  9. Apparently the Hotel is now a nursing / old peoples home.
  10. Unfortunately one of the best restaurants in this part of Puglia is due to close its doors for the last time on Sunday (29th Sept) evening. It will be a sad loss for the village of Casalini and for the wonderful staff that have served us well over the years.
  11. Digger

    Hello again!

    Looks like it will be a while before word gets around though, hopefully get some new topics being posted soon.
  12. The regular antique market in Martina Franca usually held on the 3rd Sunday of every month has now transferred to Ceglie Messapica. I was assured by one of the traders that it will be a permanent move - but I wouldn't bet on it! It is situated near the main Post Office and goes down to the center of the old town.
  13. Digger

    Hello again!

    That was quite a long " Hope to be back in 24 hours" ........ but glad you got there eventually.
  14. I believe that if your house in F.F is you main house then it should be classed as "Prima Casa" and is exempt from tax. If the Comune are not aware that this is your only house the tax will still be applied as previously. If you still have a house in UK there may be rules against claiming your house here as Prima Casa - I don't know if that is the case or not.
  15. Funny you should mention that ...... a few months ago I went into my branch of UniCredit to ask for a replacement card because mine had cracked. A simple request and easily dealt with ...... but only after the assistant had printed off a few dozen sheets of paper that required my signature a total of 13 times. !!
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