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  1. Tomorrow (Sunday 8th Dec) is Ostuni antique market in and around the public park in the centre of town. Previous years the December market has always included quite a few Christmas craft stalls selling decorations and gifts.
  2. Digger

    The Hunters

    We found that jumping up and down, shouting a few choice anglo saxon words and the mention of Caribinieri tends to make them back off .
  3. .......... that Tia Maria does not seem to be available in Puglia! It is made by an Italian company that also makes the very popular Disoronno liqueur but not available in any Supermarket in Ostuni or Celglie. Just made for export perhaps?
  4. Baked Beans in Lidl (San Vito) this morning !! Only 15 cans left though after I bought 12.
  5. Digger

    The Hunters

    The birds they shoot are used to make a Ragu sauce apparently, they are sold to a few restaurants that still offer this revolting dish on their menu. I think the term "Hunter" bestows too much respect on these sad people ....... I have a few alternatives but can't mention them on an open forum!
  6. I'm afraid my request to ENPA to help in this matter seems to have fallen on deaf ears this time. Basically the sanctuary is just a one man band operation with a few dedicated volunteers doing what they can but I know for a fact the guy running it is know looking after far more dogs than he has ever had there. Unfortunately I think he has reached saturation point.
  7. If it is £200 and listed on your bank statement as DWP WFA then it is winter fuel allowance. It became payable to British pensioners in SOME European countries about 6 or 7 years ago I think. It depends on average yearly temperatures so it is not received in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta etc.
  8. We have an author in Ostuni that has recently had her first novel published ..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blonde-Gondola-Orna-OReilly/dp/178465647X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=orna+o'reilly&qid=1574692138&sr=8-1 I have not read it myself as I don't read fiction but by all accounts it is quite good.
  9. I'm not into Power Walking ........ but I regularly indulge in a Power Nap.
  10. Just finished "Factfullness" by Hans Rosling. Highly recommended ...... It will change your view of the world. Next one to start is Bill Brysons latest , "The Body, a guide for occupants" . I have read all of his books at least 3 times, always amusing, entertaining and informative.
  11. There was a Brexit related report on ITV news, I think, a few weeks ago saying that something like 70% of all Mozzarella sold in the EU is made in 2 factories, one in Anglesey and the other in Northern Ireland. The Northern Irish one was relocating to S. Ireland. No idea how accurate that news was ...... maybe a bit of "fake news" .
  12. Was it Gorgonzola ?
  13. Bit of a long shot ...... there is, or should be, a non return valve usually in the pipeline just above the pump if this valve is letting water back down the pipe it can create an air lock. Maybe there is a bit of crud stuck in it or the valve seat is damaged so not sealing properly.
  14. Just "Listing" my user name as well.
  15. I guess it seemed a bit cheaper 10 - 15 years ago when the exchange rate was so much better. Today 25,000 euros is £21,500, back then it was £17,500 .
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