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  1. OK, so it must be end of June when bonfires are not permitted?
  2. After thinking about it, wasn't it the end of June that was the deadline for land clearance last year?
  3. Last year the "authorities" were threatening to prosecute anyone that didn't rotovate/remove all weed growth under and around Olive trees because of the xylella virus. In practice I am not sure if anyone was actually fined, there were plenty of overgrown/abandoned Olive groves all around the countryside. Not difficult to spot, no doubt this year will be the same. But to be on the safe side ...... Do It Now .
  4. Is there no low level drain valve fitted? All the Intex or Bestway above ground pools seem to have them as standard.
  5. Selling on behalf of a friend that is selling his holiday home here. Only had little use and starts/runs fine. Try before you buy. Price is fixed at 80 euros.
  6. YES, they still have no Baked Beans, they still have no Baked Beans today.
  7. Never heard of anyone needing planning permission for driveways in gardens, especially if it is only gravel. If the proposed driveway has any sort of incline I would definitely not use the small "Riso" (equivalent of pea shingle) as it will get washed away the first time there is any substantial rainfall. The larger "Brecia" stays put better but can still result in having to shovel large quantities back into place after a deluge. "Brecia grande" is the stuff most likely to stay in place but is not to everyone's taste from a decorative point of view. The Riso also gets stuck in soles of your boots (and car tyres) when muddy, as does the Brecia but to a lesser extent.
  8. Never heard of the need for an official translator when applying for residency - not in Ostuni or Celglie Messapica for sure. Unless this is now a new requirement resulting from Brexit , or your Comune have a different interpretation of the rules. Perhaps someone else can provide up to date information?
  9. For many people now, whatever their political views, the overriding feeling is one of BREXHAUSTION. It has been a fiasco from start to finish ...... oh we haven't finished yet have we ! !
  10. There is no reason that I know of why any Puglia Posse member could not vote in the referendum. If not being bothered to register to vote was the reason then that is really just hard luck and not in any way being cheated.
  11. If you are anywhere near Ostuni there is a small workshop that specializes in electrical and mechanical repairs to all kinds of pumps and motors. No idea if he has ever repaired a pool robot though. It is located next door to a Vespa dealer "Non Solo Moto" and near the DOK supermarket. There is no sign or name on the front of the workshop now, it used to have a sign above the door saying PALMA but that has now gone. The vespa dealer is clearly marked on Google earth so should be easy for you to find.
  12. Check out the fantastic work carried out by Dr Francesco Legrottaglie in Ostuni- on VERY limited funds, please help if you can. https://www.facebook.com/donate/2528042347225070/2531016996927605/ thanks John and Veronica.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/millenaridipuglia This could be a worth looking at, lots of events planned for this month.
  14. Does anyone know Beryl Christine Warren? I have a letter for her from Comune Di Ostuni, it was delivered to an Italian neighbours house by mistake. The letter just has Cda Camastra as the address but it was left at a house in Cda Piatone.
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