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  1. Anyone an idea how to get airco up and running without having te upgrade to 5 kw. I dont mind having to pay a bit more to ENEL as long as I have no current supply brakes
  2. Ok I hope i get 20 AMP fuses when I upgrade to 5 kilowatts. Otherwise the upgrade is senseless
  3. Hi I live in the area of Brindisi on the frontier with San Vito.Does anyone know if you need a permission for a pool with a liner that half in an half above the ground thanks
  4. Hi I think if the supply of electricity keeps cutting of there is a problem with the amount of amperes and not shortage of the watts . I am also planning on getting more than 3 kw but I dont know if you can upgrade in amps
  5. Hi I see that some people have problems with burglars we have just bought a house in San Vito Dei Normanni Is this a safe place Do we need an alarm system and can anyone advise us wich is a good security company to to buy and install an alarm
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