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  1. You are absolutely right Peter. We have a treasured video of my father being interviewed by the Daily Mail for a feature they were doing on vintage handbags as he ran a very high end handbag firm in competition with the likes of Gucci. What stories came out, like the protection money he had to pay when visiting customers in Milan, Florence and Rome.
  2. Panner, thank you very much for the reply, very useful. Do you know what the calculation is for the apportionment of personal use? There is a couple of ways that I can think of. We used the property for one month, so do we calculate at 1/12th, as the property is available for rental throughout the year or as the property was actually rented across 7 months, we calculate at 1/7th. Or maybe there is precedent with HMRC for a fixed percentage?
  3. A big X to Colleen from Liz and I. Well done for keeping it going, please count us in.
  4. This year we decided to try letting our trullo via an agent to cover some of the running costs. Whilst the agent is expensive, he is very good and for first time renters the 2 bed property has done reasonably well and our income after commission for this season is €20,400. Italian tax is deducted at source at 21% which I am told is a low rate in Italy - normally circa 30% - but at the lower rate you are not allowed to claim back running costs from the Italian authorities.We will of course need to declare this income on our UK self assessment forms, but assume that the tax paid in Italy under the 'double taxation' rules can be offset against UK income tax. However can I then offset the running costs (gas/water/electric/maintenance less an allowance for personal usage) against my UK tax bill?If so, what is the best way to do it? Do I set up a company or just treat it as a joint self employed venture with my wife? What have others done?
  5. Cost us circa €25k a couple of years ago for an in ground ICF pool with led lighting and top end fresh water system and liner, with minimal finishing around the pool. A lot of the cost variance will be in the ground i.e. location of pool and cost of digging it out. We encountered a lot of rock and had the 'dig out' taken away. Could we have done it for €20k? Yes, with easier ground conditions, no ICF, cheap liner and basic filtration. Was the extra worth it, yes, for the freshwater alone!
  6. Unfortunately the MyGenius account is only open to residents ;-(
  7. Thanks SanNico. Will give it a try
  8. Exactly! Hopefully someone will come up with a suggestion but in the meantime, as I have part of my income in Euros, I will use Starling, as they now offer a Euro account, free to operate FTB, free transfers across Europe, but as yet no cash card, although one is promised. However exchange rates are fantastic (better than Transferwise and Currency Fair) and can withdraw unlimited amounts of cash via ATMs from a Sterling Starling account. The only downside arrives on 1st September when they start charging .4% on transfers from Euro account. So until then this will suffice, although when I arrive in Italy next week I will open a Euro account with N26, as you have to have a geolocation in Europe. That will give me a euro account with cashcard, although there are limitations on how much you can withdraw. It would all be simpler with just a good Italian bank account :-(
  9. Thanks Digger. To be honest, I really don't mind too much about the fees (when in Rome etc.), I just want one with an efficient app that let's me effectively communicate with the bank and avoid the need to waste hours visting the bank for the simplest of requests, i.e. replacing a damaged bank card.
  10. Hi all I am fed up with inefficient and costly banking services provided by my bank in Martina and wondered if there are any challenger banks in Italy like, Starling, Monzo or N26? Failing that can anyone recommend an Italian bank that has low fees and an effective app? Many thanks Robin
  11. I am struggling to find a carpenter to fit an area of decking around our pool. We are in the Alberobello/Locorotondo area. I have had a couple around to see the job but they have not submitted a quote as I think that decking is 'Alien' to them in Puglia. I can supply wood and fixings but now need to get it done fairly quickly for a planning inspection. Can anyone recommend someone?
  12. Darren After a lot of research we bought a Kratki woodburner (Polish), excellent quality for the money and bought from an Italian importer based up north via the internet and had it delivered no problems . Then had it fitted by a local plumber who supplied all the fittings, liner etc Supplier https://www.cuneo-stufe.it/stufe-a-legna/
  13. Ended up getting the ferry but have to to travel on a specific day and the Dubrovnik to Bari only had sleeping on the deck (which is what it says if you can't find a chair in the lounge - people actually camp!), so faced with that we went for the Split to Ancona, so more of a drive but have a cabin with a double bed, which hopefully will be better than the deck! One tip, am travelling with SNAV and if you sign up to their newsletter you supposedly get a 10% discount. Couldn't get it to work so e-mailed SNAV, not in reality expecting a response, but contrary to my expectations not only did they respond within the hour. They had produced a booking with, to use their words, more convenient discount of 20%. So anyone booking a ferry email the booking team first
  14. I guess it is doable as the RS is limited at 280kmh, but there is so much traffic these days that I doubt conditions will be safe enough, but this year as we are stopping off at Medugorje first we will be passing Nurnberg :-)
  15. GTD then makes sense. The penalty of youth! Mind you I would still be tempted to get an insurance quote on the R. However for driving from UK to Puglia, the GTD will save you loads in fuel as the price differential of diesel to petrol in Italy is enormous. Will that change with the problems diesel are facing? I doubt it, as it is no doubt caused by deep rooted taxation levies that will be difficult to change (mind you I don't know the make up of it).
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