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  1. Good quality old chianche with great texture are usually around 100 eur per metre or more and are more and more difficult to find. Alternative is much cheaper new stone tiles but that’s a completely different effect.
  2. Thanks a lot. Very useful.
  3. Anyone tried or considers to do innesti with leccino? comercially not viable (better to plant new trees), but to preserve the landscape yes. New stocks uses root system of the old tree and grows much faster. anyone knows who sells certified leccino variety?
  4. I am restoring an old lamia and adding a bathroom to it, but cannot get a confirmation how to decide what Iva should apply and who decides/what is the process? Is it self certification? If yes, to whom? Or do I need to apply for lower (restoration) Iva? Any experience on how to go about it in practice?
  5. Will look for it and let you know.
  6. Thanks a lot. In my case I do not transfer cubatura to anyone else but still have to do it. Found out that this law was removed in all Italy but Puglia and Calabria....
  7. Anyone had to make a notary act to link volumetria of the future house and parking to the land? Never heard before but commune insists it is compulsory to issue the building permit. any ideas on the cost? thank you
  8. Thanks. To me it still sounds to high, even with patio etc.
  9. Thanks Colleen and Digger, equipment you mention can be bought for a fraction of 30.000. Had a quote for well under 5000 (chlorine, not infinity, basic but good enough) with liner, lights etc. So 25k seems too much for a structure, plumbing, electricity and scavo. Strange that no one had a recent experience with such pools and prices. You mention quality of installation if the property is to be rented. For private use would it be different? Just wondering?
  10. Hello, got recently a 30000 eur quote for 40sqm pool in cement, but online the indicative price seem much lower (upto 20000). Is 30000 in you experience a way to high? Any recent experiences with pool builders in Puglia or recommended builders? Thank you
  11. Many thanks. I asked commune for a new entrance (from local field road, next to the property) and they do not want to agree...
  12. Trying to tap into The forum wisdom: do I need permit to make a gravel road inside my land? It will be nothing more than some gravel on the surface to avoid getting stuck in the mud on rainy days? thank you all
  13. Thank you! I see he is a geometra. Can you recommend builders from the area that can prepare quotes?
  14. Hello, I am looking for personal recommendations for builders in S. Vito - Carovigno area. The scope of works include restoration and construction. Knowledge of English is not necessary, what’s needed is experience in building complicated volte, being honest and serious. PM me please if you know someone. Many thanks, Zappa
  15. True. Thanks. Would tjis grouping make sense to you?
  16. Yes, favolosa from a lab and leccino. It will still take years for the landscape to return to normal - few are here for actual olive oil production I guess;)
  17. From my limited experience: 24 trees (assuming they are 50 years, not watered, pruned in past 5 years) would yield in 2018 season some 50 kilos per tree (if picked before they fell) = 1200 kilos (12 quintals). Season was much earlier however and by mid October 30-50% were on the ground. Prices change daily (between 20-25 eur/quintal), but assuming min price 12 quintals x 20 eur = 240 eur. From that you need to deduct the cost of collecting and transport. This year acidity (which determines quality and price of oil) was high=not good (0.8 to 5.0 if collected from the ground, after days of laying on the humid ground - of course some got better, but majority in range of 0.6 (cut off for EVOO - extra virgin olive oil - is 0.8) to 1.4, if trees were particularly badly affected by the fly and/or processing took place 3 days or more after collection. In good year the 240 eur figure from 24 trees could be double. And if not sold but pressed for private use the quality could be much higher. Keeping in mind that every 2-3 years one need to do prunning (12-16 eur/tree), and take care of land each season (ploughing: 80-140 eur/hectare). Normally if trees pay for their upkeep it is already good. Things are different in a good season when you can cover expenses plus get some oil for your own use. Profit is only possible if: you have a high quality product (EVOO, below 0.8 acidity) and can market it yourself to final buyer and sell for 8 eur/litre. In 2018 the cost of producing (labour, transport and equipment purchase not included, which is feasible on a small scale): pressing of 100 kilos: 12-17 eur with yield of 11% (11 litres)= average 1.36 eur/litre. Metal cans 3 litres (1.8 eur)= 0.6 eur per litre. That's 1.96 eur/litre - in good year with high quality oil - not a bad price to provide for yourself. Guess there is no point in asking how one can this season buy EVOO for 2.99 eur/litre from italian olive trees. It will not be EVOO or Italian or from 2018 campaign.... Hope it helps. Better buy a wineyard;)
  18. It is cheaper to contract various professionals directly. How many should I consider for a new build? Would this grouping make sense: - general constructor (fundations, walls, structure) - electricity - plumbing/heating - tiles/floors in cement - windows/doors - drainage/insulation - pool specialist Many thanks!
  19. From legal point it seems to depend in which xylella zone you are. Since many xylella trees seem to be on land that is not well managed (just an impression looking at xylella maps) ploughing should be better.
  20. Was wondering if you could share the range of fees for comparison: - supervision of construction works -designing electricity plan - coordination of security on construction site
  21. As in the subject. For many olive trees are the reason why we choose country side over a city. What if they are gone? Are you planting leccino, should your trees dry out? Or other evergreen trees to keep the place green?
  22. Thank you. Nice work. Have anyone heard of a professional doing the concrete floors in Puglia?
  23. Hi all, I am looking for a company or a builder who has experience in doing concrete floors in Puglia. Did anyone here had them done in the house and can share a contact? Many thanks in advance, Zappa
  24. Thank you Paul! Sounds very comprehensive and with great attention on water purity. Do you have any sketch of the system or could share any drawings you used to design yours? Thank you,
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