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  1. San Vito had the scampi and sliced cheddar yesterday. No blocks - hopefully tomorrow.
  2. or Auchan, but they are ridiculously expensive here.
  3. Lidl beans aren't Hienz. Personally I prefer them, they aren't so sweet. Where are you based?
  4. I live quite close to Lidl. If I saw them how many people would be prepared to buy from me if I clean them out
  5. Just bought a load more. They are 59 cents a tin
  6. They often have it in Lidl. Baileys that is, not Tia Maria
  7. Got the last 8 tins less than 30 minutes after this post.
  8. Is replying here the same as "listing" my user name, or is there somewhere else to do this.
  9. Sounds good, although I doubt you will find many of us as far across as Porto Cesareo.
  10. Have you reported them stolen? They replaced ours when it was stolen a few years ago.
  11. MargaretM


    I have a Banco di Napoli account. I pay €1 per month for the debit card, and small fees when I pay certain things on line. Most things are free on line. I can withdraw €500 per day from Banco di Napoli ATM's for free, €250 from other banks for a fee (which I never do).
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