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  1. Sounds good, although I doubt you will find many of us as far across as Porto Cesareo.
  2. Have you reported them stolen? They replaced ours when it was stolen a few years ago.
  3. MargaretM


    I have a Banco di Napoli account. I pay €1 per month for the debit card, and small fees when I pay certain things on line. Most things are free on line. I can withdraw €500 per day from Banco di Napoli ATM's for free, €250 from other banks for a fee (which I never do).
  4. Me too Clint. I can always drive you to right outside a bar.
  5. Just to add - there is a great selection, but they don't always have everything in stock, you have to order much of it.
  6. I know the owners of Masseria Giulio - you will be well looked after, they are a lovely family.
  7. How much do British Corner Shop charge for baked beans?
  8. There is going to be one mad scramble when they do get the baked beans in. Maybe one of us should go in an buy up the whole stock, then contact all Brits in the area and ration them.
  9. Something you could do to while away your recovery time?
  10. Still don't see any baked beans though.
  11. Better get there quickly when they do get them in, I intend to buy a couple of cases of them.
  12. So why are those of us who have been here much more than 5 years being asked for the S1? Incidentally, neither myself or my husband have so far been asked for the S1.
  13. There used to be a language school in Mesagne - don't know if it is still there.
  14. Thanks Digger, I think I have read that it starts around 8pm. 6 year old loves horses, so even if she sees one or two go by that will probably be enough for them. I gather there are lots of stalls, street food, and of course they will love all the lights. We will go earlier, then probably leave after seeing a few horses. She is the oldest of the 3, so as long as it is dark when we leave they will think they have been allowed to stay up very late. I can't find Viale Poala on Google Maps, is there another place nearby I can look for? I have found Viale Pola, is that it?
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