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  1. Holiday home contents for sale any reasonable offer considered, buyer to collect between 8th-11th January inclusive or could deliver locally at that time - between Ostuni and Carovigno Con. San Scalone. 2 iron framed single beds £25 each with separate inset to support mattress 1 matching iron frame double bed £30 with separate inset to support mattress 1 fold out bed used twice £10 microwave oven £25 Ikea sofa bed Hagalund used once as a sofa bed £40 2 Ikea chairs Poang - cream £30 for both Dehumidifier £30 3 fans varying sizes £20 for all 3 3 bedside tables £10 for all 3 2 bedside lamps £3 for both Some poor quality photos available - please pm me for more info/photos
  2. Hello Mick, welcome to the forum, I don't live in Puglia permanently but have had a place between Ostuni and Carovigno for the last nearly 13 years. It certainly is hot in spring, summer and warm right into October, but it can be wet with torrential rain and also snows - memorably when we came to sign to buy the house in February 2012! People are very friendly and helpful, fresh fruit, veg and bread are great and good value, meat, dairy products are a little more expensive than in the UK, I would say the things that annoy me most are the rubbish/fly tipping in the countryside, the state of some of the roads again particularly in the countryside and the fact that you do need bars and shutters on your windows (required by my insurers) to deter people who will walk off literally with the kitchen sink (fortunately not in my case). Lecce and the Salento have lovely beaches and I really like Otranto - but that maybe because I have a fond memory of my dad having to reverse our VW van off a Greek ferry sundeck (the van was too high to go in the car deck) down 2 planks of wood in the dark - fortunately he succeeded - that was in the early 70's and the ferry was condemned shortly after! Italy certainly is a beautiful country, however I think I would choose to buy differently now - either in a town or in the north - eg somewhere like Treviso where you have the mountains, lakes and beautiful cities all within striking distance and it is easier to drive to the UK - some of the seaside places in Puglia are ghost towns in winter and it can feel as if you're isolated if you're in the countryside. Good luck with the move regards Barbara
  3. I've read the articles on the Brindisi province website but wondered what people are doing - I have been told that they are pushing for 2 sprayings with insecticide to kill the vector this month and next month ? is it actually legally required ?- as far as I can see from reading a few articles whether this will have a significant effect seems open to debate as there is no long term study yet. Are people spraying or waiting and seeing - my olives have been pruned and the land is in good condition.
  4. How do you actually pay an ENEL bill with Paypal, I've tried doing it via the ENEL site but it doesn't seem to give me the option, only visa/mastercard etc. - I currently pay via my Italian bank account.
  5. We've had a couple in the UK in the past - first a simple circular one with an inflatable top which was good as a splash pool (about 8ft across) and a larger framed one - difficult to keep clean even with a filter, used a lot of water and developed a tear which although allegedly repairable proved impossible to mend - there are some that maybe stronger but I don't know how it would fare on rocky ground even with a sand base as they recommend.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this, a really hard weekend for you all, thinking of you.
  7. truffles

    Household Kws

    Last year we had a lightening strike that took out the meter and we had no electricity- we tried phoning ENEL -you can't ring a numero verde on a UK phone - and automated man was asking for a number I couldn't find on the bill, went to the ENEL shop in Ostuni - they were adamant it was nothing to do with them and denied the meter was faulty and wouldn't send a technician saying it was our problem and to get our own electrician- did this and of course it was an ENEL problem and he rang them and they came straight out and restored the electricity (not interested in a non functioning meter) - and we still don't have a meter we can read and i'm still getting bills with readings i can't verify!!
  8. truffles


    Good shout- I've found them - one all chewed up the other intact - strong dog to carry off two Welles!Between Ostuni and Carovivigno- looks like someone had a bonfire and it's quietly smouldered round the land
  9. truffles


    Arrived yesterday to find we've had a fire across about 50% of our land, house untouched- most surprising are the 5 olive trees that have keeled over due to internal fire getting through via the raised roots such a shame to see such old trees like this. As an aside I left my Wellington boots outside last night and someone has taken them- very bizarre makes me wonder if someone is living rough in the unoccupied partly ruined surrounding lamie
  10. truffles


    I'm glad they're looking after you - having good neighbours is important where ever you live.
  11. truffles


    In the UK now the tendency is to use the newer anticoagulant rivaroxaban which doesn't need such close monitoring as warfarin with blood tests,although more expensive. Anyone who is in atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) is usually started on anticoagulant to prevent strokes, there are other indications of course for it but this is probably the commonest in the UK nowadays. I've worked in this field and certainly our cardiac hospital is fantastic - my neighbour was passing out on exertion -her pulse was 38, within 12 hours she had a pacemaker fitted and was on anticoagulant, home 48 hours later and she's 80 - can't fault that. Really hope you're feeling better soon Peter.
  12. It's good enough for Madonna!
  13. The other thing I use to combat damp is to put bedding and clothes in some (large) vacuum packs. On your topic of where to buy in Italy my comment would be that 12 years ago what and where I chose would not be my choice now - too much land and more difficult to access than the north by car. Also circumstances change with 2 frail now ninety plus year old relatives I have not been able to get over except for 4-5 days at a time for the last 10 years.Whilst I love Puglia, for teenagers upwards to when you have a young family the attractions are perhaps limited out of season and if you gave me the choice now I'd buy a lock up and leave flat in Treviso - near Venice, Padua, Lake Garda and the Dolomites, variety of flight options, good rail communications and driveable from the UK.
  14. Very sorry to hear your news Luke, my father had pancreatic cancer so I know what it's like .
  15. Although a lot of the problems maybe related to the west's recent interventions in the middle east, smart phones (although I love mine) and the internet have a lot to answer for
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