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  1. Hi Im interested in the strimmer....331 983 9515. Thanks
  2. Has anyone used their olive nets to collect chestnuts? Just wondered how you got on.
  3. The DVD player has a usb port but I don't think it's multi region. Regards, SMP
  4. 1 Table + 4 chairs €40 2 Tv €25 3 DVD player €15 4 Electric Motozappa €30 5 Satellite Dish €25 6 Nardi electric oven €30 7 Terrestrial Decoder €15 8 2 x children s chairs €10 9 Glass ceiling light shade €5 10 Floor standing exercise pedal cycle contraption €10 Call 331 983 9515 or send PM if any items are of interest. Thanks
  5. Hi Paul Have you got you're own rotovater or do you need the person to provide one. Regards , SMP
  6. Hi Paul When we first arrived our bills were really a lot. A change of lifestyle literally cut them by 50%. Regards
  7. Agenzia Liuzzi di Mendicino Rosanna. 080 4806986
  8. On the bottom half of the first page of your Enal bill you will see , under Dati Fornitura ,a sub paragragh titled RIEPILOGO LETTURE E PRELIEVI FATTURATI. If it says effettiva it's real. If it says stimato it's estimated. Regards , SMP
  9. Yup....The car needs to be repatriated to Italy. We used an agent in Martina Franca which made the whole process painless. The cost for us was about €750 everything included. Paper work , new number plates , a years car tax and the Italian M,O.T which lasts for 2 years. The cost will depend on the size of your engine as this influences the car tax. Regards , SMP
  10. SMP


    If you enter your address on www.ariamax.it It will advise if they can connect you to their wi-fi service which starts at €14.95/month. Regards, SMP
  11. I saw your title ... Two Cowls For Sale - and thought, just in time for Halloween ;-)
  12. Thanks Clint. Here is a quick translation of Article 892 of the Italian Civil code which states: Whoever wishes to plant trees on the boundary of their property must respect the distances established by the rules and regulations and, lacking these, local custom. If neither of these exists, the following distances from the boundary must be respected: 3 metres for tall trees. Tall trees are those trees whose trunks either simple or branched, grow high, e.g. walnuts, chestnuts, oaks, pine trees, cypresses, elms, poplars, plane trees and the like; 1.5m for smaller trees. These are considered to be those trees which, when fully grown, do not exceed 3 metres; Half a metre for vines, bushes, growing hedges, fruit trees no taller than 2.5 metres. However, the distance must be a metre if the hedges are alder, chestnut or similar trees which are regularly pruned close to the stump, and two metres in the case of robinia hedges. The distance is measured from the boundary line to the base of the tree trunk at the time of planting or from the boundary line to the sowing drill. These measurements do not need to be respected if there is a dividing wall, belonging to the owner or shared, as long as the plants are kept to a height below the top of wall. Articolo 892. Chi vuol piantare alberi presso il confine deve osservare le distanze stabilite dai regolamenti e, in mancanza, dagli usi locali. Se gli uni e gli altri non dispongono, devono essere osservate le seguenti distanze dal confine: l) tre metri per gli alberi di alto fusto. Rispetto alle distanze, si considerano alberi di alto fusto quelli il cui fusto, semplice o diviso in rami, sorge ad altezza notevole, come sono i noci, i castagni, le querce, i pini, i cipressi, gli olmi, i pioppi, i platani e simili; 2) un metro e mezzo per gli alberi di non alto fusto. Sono reputati tali quelli il cui fusto, sorto ad altezza non superiore a tre metri, si diffonde in rami; 3) mezzo metro per le viti, gli arbusti, le siepi vive, le piante da frutto di altezza non maggiore di due metri e mezzo. La distanza deve essere però di un metro, qualora le siepi siano di ontano, di castagno o di altre piante simili che si recidono periodicamente vicino al ceppo, e di due metri per le siepi di robinie. La distanza si misura dalla linea del confine alla base esterna del tronco dell’albero nel tempo della piantagione, o dalla linea stessa al luogo dove fu fatta la semina. Le distanze anzidette non si devono osservare se sul confine esiste un muro divisorio, proprio o comune, purché le piante siano tenute ad altezza che non ecceda la sommità del muro
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