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  1. Digger - LOVE Bill Bryson's books!! My favorite is Neither Here Nor There. I just finished George Washington's Journey by T.H. Breen. It's about how Washington visited all of the 13 states in order to solidify a strong central government. Very interesting. Also just read Murder at La Fenice by Donna Leon. It's about a Venice homicide detective named Guido Brunetti. Fun, easy read. This one is the first in a series of 10 or 15 additional Detective Brunetti books.
  2. Please include me as well. Thanks!
  3. 10 years. Lucky you!! After dreaming of moving to Puglia for the past 6 years, we are now one year away from making the move (from the U.S.). We're heading over next May to look for an apartment, possibly in Porto Cesareo. We want to test the waters before we buy, just to be sure that the reality fits the dream!! We're so excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We've been following this site for quite a while and hope that, once we're situated, we can meet up with some of contributors to get to know them in person!!
  4. Here in the States, the stores have had Christmas trees and decorations on display since early September with the obligatory Christmas music playing over the speakers!!
  5. Thank you, Colleen!! Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  6. nancy


    The roses are lovely but, oh, the hydrangea! Stunning!! We're a few years away from relocating to Puglia (from the U.S.) but, when we do, hydrangeas will be the first thing that I plant. Thanks for sharing.
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