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  1. Thanks for your reply Digger & your link Clint. No we didn't receive a TV licence bill in 2016 but, according to the link Clint sent we, who are not resident so don't already pay for a TV licence, still have to pay even though it is a holiday home. I expect that ENEL don't pay it through our electric bill because we pay non-resident electric. I don't see how they expect us to pay if ENEL aren't paying it automatically as THEY should do. We have sent an e-mail to RAI and they have acknowledged receipt of it but we have not yet received an answer. It looks like they need to have words with ENEL: we are powerless to make ENEL pay from our bill.
  2. Just got a bill from the TV company saying we haven't paid our TV licence for 2016. We tried to tell them, around 2016, that we weren't getting any bills but did not receive a reply. It is our holiday home so, we presumed that ENEL wasn't taking money because either a) they hadn't got round to doing it for every property or b) we don't have to pay for a TV licence as it is a holiday home so ENEL won't take the money from our bill. ENEL have not taken any money for the TV licence from our electric bill in the last 3 years. We pay our electric bill by direct debit from our Italian bank account so ENEL take what they want, when they want. Should they have been taking money for the TV licence (we are paying our electric as a seconda casa), do holiday homes have to pay for a TV licence or not or, do we have to pay for the TV licence separately somehow? As we haven't been sent a TV licence bill for 3 years I can see us going round in circles!
  3. This is just an update to anyone who has been following this thread. We hope we are not tempting providence when we say that it looks like the puppy has a family who want to adopt him in the north of Italy, providing he passes his health check & the home check is OK. We still miss him! Thanks so much Clint, Flora, the volunteers and Colleen for this website. It is a great way of communicating with people.
  4. If anyone is still following this thread (SuzieQ & verosac) this info may help. It depends if you live in the countryside or town. In country there are big bins on some contradas. You put it in them but beware you may only be able to do it at certain times: ours is between 15:00 and 6:00. It is then collected very frequently, possibly daily. You have to pay a rubbish tax called TARI. Cost depends on your comune & if it is a prima or seconda casa. Don't know about towns though. Recycling is harder for us country folk as we can't use the recycling bins in the nearest town: they've been removed so we have to make a long car journey to Ostuni to the recycling centre there!
  5. Many, many thanks Clint. If we knew they would take him we would of course have the necessary done. We will also keep asking around, just in case.
  6. Thank you Clint & Flora. It is marvelous the way you are trying to help us. Fingers & everything crossed. Not good news about the canile. Our Italian friend felt the same way. Meanwhile will go back to Vita & try to find out what she actually said to us.
  7. Thanks again Clint. Are you talking about the lady Vita & her husband in the shop Non Solo Fruita? If so, she was the one we spoke to yesterday. Does anyone out there know of a charity in Ceglie or about the canile in Ceglie? We cannot have him when the concrete is laid as it will be dangerous for him. We can't bring him into the house as it will be unfair for him to get used to being inside (which, give him a few hours, he will) if he has to go to kennels or live outside at a house. We must leave soon but postings for adoption couldn't hurt.
  8. Thanks so much for your offer, unfortunately we do not have any fences or walls & do not know if he will wander off if he can't hear us in the house. We understand about your big dogs & we wouldn't want to put him in that situation either or on your neighbours. We are just finding it frustrating that, as soon as we find a caring charity they can't take him in as we are not in their area & so far we can't find anything similar in Ceglie. Not even a pet shop, in Ceglie, where someone may be able to give us information about someone either looking for a dog or genuine charities. We don't know anything about Ceglie. We are so fearful of the ones where they get money for caring for the dogs but don't spend it on them. We aren't saying all refugio or canile are like that: we just don't know which are good & which bad, not that we have much choice anyway, if there is only one refuge or canile. We just can't find anything about the Ceglie one or charities there. An Italian friend of ours also had a problem with Ceglie when they wouldn't take in the dogs of a dying owner: they had been chipped & vaccinated so not their problem! At least this one is an abbandonato. We could try the comune/police again but would like to know more about it. Thanks again for your offer but it will have to be an owner or refugio/canile & soon. Somehow! :
  9. Thanks Clint. Been trying to find charities/refuges/canile in Ceglie but the comune one seems to be in Grottaglie. We don'the know what it is like, can't seem to find any refuges or charities or any way of contacting anyone. Not absolutely sure what the lady at the fruit shop (with OIPA ) is going to do. We only think that she is going to contact a charity in Ceglie. We cannot believe how frustrating & stressful this is. The work will start soon & we really can't have him here any longer. Please find photos attached. Any help much appreciated.
  10. Just been to the shop to ask about OIPA but they can't take him because our land is not in that comune, even though we are less than a km from San Michele but 10 from Ceglie. They said they will contact Ceglie for us. Been busy contacting people we know asking if they want or know someone who wants one. Pet shop Waterworld & oneother said they will put a posting in Facebook for us as we don't do social media. Does anyone reading this know someone who can give him a home? While we are inside he stays by the doorstep in a plastic box.
  11. Thanks. Sorry 2 hear about your dog. Never think of dogs having strokes, only humans. We will try the shop tomorrow. Hope your dog recovers. Very upsetting for you.
  12. Would be really grateful if you could speak to her. We are desperate as we will be having some work done next week, been waiting weeks to get it done but wet weather stopped it & no means to keep him away from the work. Also, UK is looming. He is 4-5 months old , about 30 cm tall. We are willing pay for him to be wormed and necessary injections. We don't want to take him to the municipal pound as we have since read that they & some so called rescue centres are no good. We kind of trust that oipa may be better. He is so adorable, good looking & a very quick learner.
  13. Thanks for the info Clint. Tried one of the phone numbers earlier but he is out of the country until Tuesday. Will try the email address. Really stressed out about this: he is laid outside the door now frightened we will leave him. One point: aren't we going off the subject with the plants?
  14. We were awoken early yesterday by a dog barking outside. Turned out to be a super little tan/white puppy, looks a bit like a small collie (sheltie?). We tried what few neighbours we have but no one claimed to know it. Took it to San Michelle municipio, but they weren't interested as we come under Ceglie (although we are much closer to S. M. than Ceglie). Unfortunately they weren't interested either and sent us to the police next door. They wouldn't help but said to come back on Monday morning. Does anyone want or know someone who could take it urgently? A vet has checked it and it is not chipped. We can't keep it ourselves as we are not resident and we can'talk take it back to the UK either. It is adorable, intelligent, friendly and appears to have had basic training. Please text 00447979983525 if you can help.
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