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  1. Hi. If anyone has phone they don't want or use anymore or a good place to buy used phones. Thanks
  2. Hi. I have 2 Free complimentary tickets for a Holistic Day at Agriturismo Pace. Sunday 26th May. Talks, yoga, tai chi etc and therapies discounted e.g massages €15. Message me if you are interested to come along. Thank Niki
  3. Hi all. There is one evening of an Ayahuasca ceremony (Amazonian plant based medicine) to be held near Martina Franca. Friday May 3rd from 16.00 Only places for 2 more people if anyone is interested to know more please contact me or if preferred the organiser Sandy +44 7763415445 Many thanks Niki xx
  4. Hi all. I looking to buy an Italian car second hand. Would love a metano/gpl or diesel and preferably fiat or Citroen something that parts are cheap with. I know this is for under £250 yet I do have more than that LOL. Looking at paying about €2000/2300 If you know a good place or anyone selling one. Thanks all Niki xx
  5. Yes go to him. Donato and he speaks amazing English. If you come from Ceglie towards cisternino on the left is a little driveway with red arrows on. It's there.
  6. Hi. My friend is looking for someone closer to Taranto for private English lessons. She lives in Leporano. If you would like this opportunity let me know for more details. Niki
  7. Hi, does anyone have the list of trees that can be diseased? I read its not only olive. Ive had the checkers here to. A friend if mine, who work in agriculture made a good point that really they should leave the trees surrounding the infected one as some of the varieties may have natural resilience. Its what they now practice test in certain areas of uk.
  8. Yes folks Iggy pop playing Bari for Free next Sat 10 June!!! Medimex gig
  9. Niki

    Kitten With Ch.

    Well, she's a real little fighter hence we called her Rocky as she's got a wicked right hook!!! She's getting a little more coordinated yet still cannot walk. 😢 She seems to have more coordination in front legs now and can sit herself up but back legs although string are uncoordinated. She/he really needs the care of a person who is at home, maybe retired. We will keep looking and please share with anyone you think may be suitable. Thanks
  10. Ah maybe wheevils, although it does look like the no spotted ladybird is munching, funnily enough only the pots with holes in the bottom!!
  11. Niki

    Kitten With Ch.

    So does anyone know anything about it here? Were not sure what to do, the cats are semi wild abd I dont kniw if she'll survive out there. We are not around the home enough to look out for her all the time. Any help be very appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi all, so my beautiful cat had 4 lovely kittens, 1 ginger, 1 ginger & bit of white, 2 mire white than ginger. Little rascals now. However 1 is not well and is uncoordinated, our vet says its Pregnant Cats and Their Litters: Pregnant cats who become infected with panleukopenia may abort or have stillborn kittens. In some cases, some of the kittens in the litter may be born incoordinated and have tremors, especially of the head. These nervous system changes are caused by the panleukopenia virus affecting the cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for coordinating muscle movement. The condition is called "cerebellar hypoplasia". Mentally, these cats appear normal. As the kittens grow, they may be able to compensate and lead relatively normal lives. Kittens may also have abnormalities of the retina of the eye (the back of the eye which receives the light and sends signals to the brain).
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me about the insect here thats like a ladybird bit with no spots, just large and red. Its eating its way through my herbs at the mo, mint and lemon balm going fast. Thanks
  14. Hi, I maybe interested. Do you have any spare spools ir do you know how easy it is to replace them. Thanks
  15. There are also 2 yoga teachers in Martina Franca, Marilena and Adele. Marilena has a web blog at http://shriyogaintegrale.blogspot.it/She also is a healthy eating coach, and makes delicious food. Adele on has Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/yade.vibhuti/about?lst=688178975%3A100005254149534%3A1490870958
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