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  1. Thank you both.....submersible pump is the way to go as there is no low level drain valve! Regards to Colleen and Digger.
  2. Hi, Perhaps you might not still have the same pool, as you posted quite a few years ago but we have a similar one to yours and we where wondering how we clean out the water from the bottom of the pool? Is there a pump or something we can use? Any advise would be most welcome. Regards Liz and Bob.
  3. Hi Clint, We will be at our Italian home for a month from the 12thMarch this time....let us know when you are available and we can arrange something OK?....My contact details are....07765401406....Also MargaretM....you are welcome too! Regards..Liz and Bob.
  4. Clint, once again I thank you for your help and interest in our constant questions....we will see how we get on and perhaps, hopefully we can be of benefit to you and yours. Maybe we can meet up sometime for a coffee and chat. Ever in your debt. Regards Liz and Bob.
  5. Hi All, We are in the process of obtaining residency and we have been asked by our representative for a " Family Status Certificate " could anyone enlighten us of the nature of this document and how we go about obtaining if necessary. Any feedback would be most welcome. Regards Liz and Bob.
  6. Thank you MargaretM....I shall bear that in mind.x
  7. Thank you HayleyK....we are now going to get all the fittings from there....a great selection i must add!!! Regards Liz.x
  8. Hi, I suppose i,m too late to reply to your advert....was interested in the 2 Ikea chairs?
  9. Hi, Anyone out there who have had any dealings with Gea bathroom suppliers in Francavilla Fortuna at all.....thinking of refurbishing our bathroom and love the products but wondering if the prices are competitive.Any feedback would be invaluable. Regards all.
  10. Hi all, Anyone out there that can recommend a bathroom fitter and also stores to choose a bathroom suite from in our area? Thanks in advance.Regards Liz.
  11. Thanks for that.....we have and we have a stufa and as for wood we will have plenty!!! Home in England as from today but will be back in five weeks for more of whatever mother nature will throw at us! Regards Liz.
  12. Hi everyone, How are things in your neck of the woods after the last two days? We are in the country part just outside F.F. and we have had some storm damage....i.e. Monday the rain was so severe it poured into our front room through the door at least two inches...mopping up was the order of the day plus drying of rugs etc.Last night a big tree in our garden was uprooted and we found it lying in the drive.....a small lake has arrived in the back garden and fences blown down....apart from that all is good!!!! Question for people with cisternas....is your toilet flush water dirty and sandy too? Hoping it is just the aftermath of the storms....Regards to you all. Liz and Bob.
  13. Hi Mick ,Lovely to read your post....caught my eye cause I was brought up in Middlewich and my husband was born there!!! We have a home in Puglia just outside Francavilla Fontana....we are here as much as we can be...because we love it.....there are a few places around us that are up for sale but it depends what sort of lifestyle you are after...i.e. Town or country living etc. If you need any further information we would love to help you and as we are back in the UK in Nov we could catch up with you in Middlewich as we live in Crewe....so not far from you.....Ciao for now. Liz.
  14. Hi,Try Stellalabret on this site....she is setting up a house sit company.....I hope you find it ok.....you can mention my name as we have conversed in the past. Good luck.
  15. Enjoy your time in lovely Puglia and we hope that you both find just what you are looking for.....your dogs sound delightful..
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