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  1. You'll find that most coastal areas are like ghost towns at this time of year. Even the towns inland are so much quieter in the winter. You're doing the right thing in coming back at different times of the year, winter and summer are like two different worlds here! Good luck!
  2. We just got our residency in ceglie last month and didn't need to translate anything.
  3. Saw a great banner at the London protest, which was a quote from David Davis from before the Brexit vote - "If a democracy can not change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy"
  4. Doesn't this just confirm what I said?? The commission can PROPOSE legislation that must be voted on by a parliament, elected by citizens. "Dictated to by an unelected body " is yet more " leave campaign " propaganda. I suppose one good thing to come out of this whole fiasco, as you have said, is that it's made it very clear to people on both sides of the argument that the elected government do not act on the will of the people and do in fact follow their own agendas. On this we can all be united at least! And maybe that will change politics in the long run (highly doubtful!!).
  5. How could anybody who voted have been well informed? It's only now that the consequences are known. "dictated to by an unelected body" You're aware that the EU commission can not actually pass laws? They are voted on by the governments of member states and in every instance of legislation being passed in the history of the EU, Britain voted in favour of it. General elections... Don't we re-vote every 5 years? Otherwise the Whigs would still be in government and people would be be telling me my ancestors voted for them and I can't change the will of the people!
  6. Over 4 million signatures in a couple of days... Democracy- control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. Just over 17 million voted leave from a country with a population of over 66 million. Leave voters, please read that again as I know you just proof read while angrily preparing your "will of the people" response! It amazes me that any person living in a democratic country doesn't accept that the truly "democratic" choice, now that we actually know what each option results in, (rather than misleading propaganda printed in gigantic letters on the side of a bus!) is to put that vote to the people again? Unless of course you worry that tangible information and facts will swing the vote away from the fear and propaganda of the leave campaign! It's basically saying "well I believe in democracy as the result went my way. But let's just stick to that past result, we don't need any more democracy here thank you!" Akin to "free speech" advocates who want to silence people that don't agree with them!
  7. Hi Matt Can't help with your question but be aware- I suspect it will be almost impossible or very expensive to insure a UK registered car for long periods of European use after brexit. The company i use no longer offers it. The Italian government are also pushing for stricter policing of foreign cars being used here, although I don't think that policy has reached our corner of Puglia yet!
  8. smb

    Ho ho ho

    Advent calendar's are getting harder to find.. Their days are numbered..
  9. Not wanting to high jack your thread, but while we're talking about residency - does anybody know what the medical cover required to get residency needs to cover? Ie how much cover, inpatient /outpatient?
  10. smb


    Clint, I can confirm cardamom is on the shelf in Ceglie dok
  11. Thanks. How long has your lemon grass been in and have you planted it out? I planted some shop bought stalks in pots in march and they've all taken really well. I was thinking of leaving some in pots and trying some in the ground but was worried that again, the winter may be too cold for them?
  12. I switched from searching online in English to Italian and quite a few sellers came up, they even have them on ebay. It This one says best to plant in March though, gives me time to build some kind of frame to protect in the winter! http://www.passionepiante.it/catalog/albero-mango-p-101.html
  13. Thanks Clint, I'd be interested to know how they got on, they're just planted in open fields by the look of it. Someone has commented at the bottom of the story asking how it's going but no update unfortunately.
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