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  1. I've been on walks with all of the following. There are knowledgable guides, but I'm not sure if they all speak English. You can check out their websites or Facebook pages: https://www.cooperativaserapia.it/tour-guidati-in-puglia-escursioni-in-natura/ http://www.ulivisecolaridipuglia.com/it/escursioni-eventi/ Puglia Trek&Food (Facebook)
  2. Hi Emily, I'm not really a horsey person, but there's a good stables near us in Noci (road to Massafa) and they know all the breeders round about, especially of the lovely "cavalli Murgese" (mostly black). I think they also sometimes have horses for sale at the stables. The lady to talk to is Barbara. Details are on their Facebook page, Circolo Ippico Monaci.
  3. To come back to your original question, for Bari airport, we've used both Koala Parking (€5/day) and Quick Parking (a bit cheaper: €25,--/week if you book online). The cars are parked outside, but in a closed area. You are taken right up to the airport doors in a shuttle bus, which saves lugging cases around. We were happy with the service, we didn't have to wait long for the shuttle. There are also several other such companies advertising online. BTW, we also live in Noci, how far are you out?
  4. But the larger the tank, the longer it takes to heat up!
  5. rosie A

    New YearsEve

    People either have their own parties, or go to a "Cenone" at a restaurant, which often includes dancing and sometimes fireworks.
  6. I would add: don't expect to get the re-registration done quickly! We went to the "motorizzazione" in Bari and it's taken ages. Everyone else seemed to be using the "agenzie": maybe the latter get special treatment and do things quicker? (At a price, of course!)
  7. To be issued a carta sanitaria I think you need to be officially resident. You can get a carta d'identita without being resident, I think, but then I've got dual Ital/Brit. nationality. I've never heard you need to have a certificato di abitabilita, maybe this is new? Can't help with the moving of comune. By the way, have you done a "dichiarazione di reddito" (tax)? If you're resident, I believe you have to. We're doing ours for the first time this year, as we've been officially resident since the beginning of the year.
  8. We're in the process of changing our number plates: a bureaucratic nightmare, as usual, but the most annoying thing is that we have to pay the PRA (passaggio di proprieta) tax, even though the car isn't changing owners! As you say, Digger, the cost of a car is way too high! (BTW, my sister-in-law, who has just lost her husband, also hasd to pay the PRA to get the car, which was registered in his name, changed to her name!!)
  9. Perhaps one should add that levels under 80 is generally thought to be unacceptable for drinking,(not enough minerals), and I found this chart: Obviously, one would need to know what the solids actually were, i.e. minerals or pollutents/bacteria. I'd also be interested in knowing where you can get water tested and how much it costs.
  10. Shouldn't the notaio guarantee that the property is legal?
  11. I had to laugh while reading this, because this is what we did (hubby in the cisterna and me doing the bucket bit)! We collect rain water and filter it, both at the point where it enters and then through a 3 way filter system. After cleaning the cistern (we have two, which we clean alternately) we are very satisfied with the quality, using it for everything except drinking. Re the bought water, we've recently filled bottles from one of the "dispensers" in town (5 cents a litre). I'd be interested to know how this compares with supermarket water.
  12. I agree, private insurance is loads more. We were also told in Noci that we can't get cover unless we have the S1 form. My hubby paid about €360 for a year, but they didn't ask him what he earned, it seemed a set amount. I luckily had done some work with CoCoCo contracts and paid contributions and this was accepted, so I don't pay anything. I was wondering what the 5 years rule is, Clint.
  13. If your husband is Italian, the quickest way might be to go to the Italian Consulate in your country of residence (ie., if you are not resident in Italy.) My hubby got his from the Cologne consulate in Germany quite quickly when we lived there. However, I'm wondering if the dual citizenship is a problem.
  14. Yes, you're in a difficult position. Thank you for all your efforts. The Posse is too good to abandon
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