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  1. Did you find someone? I’m interested as it’s something we will need at some point too. We have 4 dogs a cat and a duck,so impossible to go anywhere without house sitters. I would offer but don’t think it’s good to add to our pack, IF I didn’t have pets I would have helped out, I can alway feed and walk but pooch wouldn’t be home alone so prop not a great solution. Kindest H
  2. HayleyK

    The Hunters

    Like I said I’m totally not into hunting and you sound like you know more than me, but I walk the same walks the hunter use when I walk my dogs and no one has ever asked me to get off their land. Tho I thought the rule was if it’s not fenced in you can cut across? Obviously not next to the actual house. Fireworks I wouldn’t let of due to the animals myself and others keep close by, so would not encounter that problem, they do shoot too close to my house for my liking, at the bottom of fence and my dogs go mad, that I think is strange as not much to shoot at with the noise from my pack of dogs.
  3. any suggestions on whats on new year eve please
  4. hi all, any suggestions for reasonable priced stone flooring, I know a few places but just want to see some others for comparisons. cheers all
  5. HayleyK

    The Hunters

    ps when out walking my dogs I take a whistle and constantly call the dogs back in Italian, vieni qui, vieni qui, lol. My Italian is very limited, the hunters dont know that!
  6. HayleyK

    The Hunters

    I find saying hello and asking them to shoot further away has worked for me, its the first winter in our house with a fence, last year no fence and the house had been empty for a few years, that year I just told them we had moved in and please do not cut across the land, they did as asked, I dont like the idea of hunters, I love animals but I also respect traditions that are not my own, or ways of life, always be polite and courteous first, its my power tool, tho that's not to say if that doesn't work I wont shout like an old fish wife or crazy Italian lady, that has worked for me too! helps also that our four dogs bark at the birds, good for the birds to get away, sad we dont see so much of the beautiful flight x
  7. hi peter is this every last Sunday cheers h
  8. I want to plant a mimosa tree about three meters from out front house, is this ok to do? We removed a large pine from the area when we purchased the house as the roots were lifting the patio. Thank you
  9. We have a company here ----------------------- if you still need someone to manage your property kindest hayley
  10. We did our own bathroom and got all our things from Leroy Merlin. There is a very helpful young man in the bathroom section that specks English
  11. The second hand markets, there is couple who can search personally for you, they have a very smart stall selling painted furniture and doors!
  12. I could do this job, love gardening, -------------------------------------------------gardening work personal as it’s a pleasure to do x
  13. I've searched ba website and can not find how to book a cat! Can anyone put me in direct contact with anyone who has done this, it's not really advertised or I'm missing where to look.
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