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  1. Hi Liasawilko, Bit late to the party on this thread, below may be of use. We use Gianluigi (Dott. Gianluigi Sorressa - sorressa@studiosorressa.it). He's in Martina Franca but he was recommended by our lawyer in Ostuni. He speaks perfect english and has many ex-pats on his books. He recently helped us set up an Italian company to handle our properties here and is a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Certainly, it's Giuseppe Stanisci, who often posts in the legal section of Puglia Posse, he's based in Ostuni and has provided a fantastic service for us. www.studiolegalestanisci.eu – Fb page: Stanisci Law Firm & Business I forgot to add to the story that we also have to pay a specialist demolition and recycling company to come and take it all away !!!! Apparently the planning departments are overlaying the new images from Google maps over the old and where there is anything new they are checking to see if it's legal.
  3. Hi there, We didn't have a contract with our Project Manager and she "managed" to organise all the builders and materials and a geometra, unfortunately she forgot to organise the applications for ANY building permits or planning permission. Two weeks from completion our back garden comprising of a swimming pool, plunge pool, a hole for a pool next to the trullo and a 'road' made by the workmen to access the property were seized in a dawn raid by the local Carabinieri (armed), mother had kittens as you can imagine. We also had our shed seized as it was above maximum size allowed, even though it was on the property when we bought it! The sale was handled by our esteemed PM as we were in the UK at the time and were unable to attend. She disappeared into the wind, (she is still in the area, but no longer operating as a PM) did not respond to our solicitors request for emails regarding PP with the geometra to present as mitigating circumstances at court, and has no legal liability as there was no contract. Fast forward 18 months and mother (73) has a 40,000 euro fine and 4 month prison sentence (suspended for 5 years thankfully), 12 months lost rental on two properties and a back garden that still looks like a building site as permission has only just been granted by the commune to reinstate the land to as it was. The builder was fined thousands because he was still on site when it was seized, if he had finished and been paid he would no doubt have legged it as well. We now use our solicitor for everything. On the bright side we now live full time here and love it.
  4. Thanks for all the tips and links, I think this is the one http://www.barionline.it/centrogiardino/home.htmnear Villanova. Can't wait to to get back and start!
  5. Can anyone recommend a local supplier/nursery for cacti of varying sizes, our villa is outside Ceglie on the Martina Franca road, I plan to plant at the end of September - any advice greatly received.
  6. Thanks julie and co. handy to know.
  7. Thanks for all the help and information guys, has anyone actually had any large furniture ie: sofa's delivered from the Ikea in Bari, bit confused on how this would work without a dedicated postal address ?, can anyone recommend a van hire company or do you just use the ones on the web ?
  8. Thank you Billy, I'm a big believer in keeping things (money, jobs etc.) local as possible.
  9. Thanks for that, where do they hold the market?
  10. Thank you Contadina, I've been on google earth and found both shops.
  11. Hi Hayley, where is the market held in Ostuni?
  12. Thanks for that Flora, I've just checked the website for Conforama and it looks to be just the ticket.
  13. Hi Posse members, we've just completed on a villa just outside Ceglie, we intend using it as a holiday home, and renting out a bit in between, prior to relocating permanently in 2-3 years. Can anyone suggest the best places for shopping for household things (cutlery, pots pans etc), I know of the Ikea in Bari but don't want to be trecking up there every 5 minutes. We'll be coming out in 3 weeks so any pointers would be welcome.
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