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  1. Hi Sheree, Thanks so much for sending the list of books read and also that of suggested books. It’s good to see such a variety of choices, some of which I have already read. I am also somewhat confused by the intricacies of the PP website! As these exchanges of information are probably only of interest to ourselves, perhaps we could swap email addresses. You can contact me at trudiwalmsley@yahoo.co.uk We are still trying to finalise our next trip to Martina. The latest spanner in the works is our son announcing a proposed visit to us in Italy. Much as we would love to see him, the logistics of dates become even more confused. I’ll keep you informed. Best wishes, Trudi
  2. Hi Sheree, Good to hear from you again. How did you send the message you have just resent? Did you try to email or p.m. me? I can’t find it anywhere else but maybe I’m just being incompetent! I’m afraid I also can’t find the attachment with reading suggestions which you mention. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with yourself and the other ladies. We still haven’t got a finalised date for our trip but should be in Martina Franca by the last week in February. As soon as the flights are booked I’ll let you know. Kind regards, Trudi
  3. Hi again Sheree, I tried to send you a private message several days ago now. Just wondering whether you got it? Best regards, Trudi
  4. Hi Sheree, we’ve had a house just outside Martina Franca for about 12 years and I’d be very interested in joining a reading group. In fact, I was thinking of trying to organise one myself but we’re not in Italy full time, although we’re there at least 6 months of the year. If this wouldn’t be a problem, perhaps you’d like to get in touch. Wishing you all the best for the festive season. Trudi
  5. Likewise, we too would have looked forward to this talk but unfortunately won’t be able to make it this time. Good luck with the book. I’ll certainly order it online and look forward to reading it.
  6. How I hate packing! We’ve spent the last thirty odd years of moving round the world for work so I’ve done my fair share of it. Best of luck with everything and let me know when you’re ready for the off.
  7. Hi Lorraine, we actually arrived back in Martina this afternoon, so good timing! It sounds like you’re well on your way to fulfilling your dream of a life in Italy. Good luck with the move and look forward to meeting up once you’re settled. Trudi
  8. Hi Lorraine, we bought our place just outside Martina Franca more than ten years ago now and absolutely love it there. Initially, we couldn’t spend as much time there as we wanted but are now free to do so. We’re in the UK at the moment but will be travelling back to Martina towards the end of April. Happy to meet up for coffee or help out with any questions. Good luck with the move. Trudi
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