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  1. Again, thanks for your reply MargaretM. My sister (and only other beneficiary of the inheritance) lives in France and at no time was her residence (or mine) in question when the UK "estate" was evaluated and the inheritance tax applied. As you say - I shouldn't think it should come under Italian scrutiny (wherever I lived) just as my sister's case.
  2. Many thanks MargaretM for your kind response. Oddly enough, we had no choice but to pay the inheritance tax due in the UK BEFORE any funds can be released. I doubt if it would be considered "Income from property" as we had to sell mum's house to pay for the 1,600 pounds a week care home (argghh) before she passed away. I plan to move to Puglia in about September of this year.... I will not be working and am not receiving a pension. I have lived both in France and Italy before and have survived on "savings". I am so loathe to pay yet more tax - why on earth did my kind parents bother to scrimp and save, buy their own home, pay their taxes, etc., so that my sister and I could receive some inheritance - only to have yet more taken away. Makes my blood boil! x
  3. Good grief - what a ridiculous situation! Surely, many people receive inheritance whilst living abroad and as long as the tax due is paid in that country (in my case, the UK) whatever measly amount is left should not be taxed again. Cheaper to stay in the UK then! I did also try and find information on this Forum for details of Accountants, but perhaps I misunderstood the location of trades and services offered. All I could find was historical posts suggesting Accountants - one of which has seemingly gone out of business. There are two others which I will contact in due course. One thing I have found interesting is that after many days of researching Forums, FB Groups, Websites and specific resources for life in Italy - hardly anyone can recommend an accountant. Does that mean that the majority of people complete their own Income Tax forms, etc., and don't require professional help? Just curious. Again, many thanks for your responses so far. I am still unsure what I should do. Ha ha....
  4. Thanks for your link - however, I didn't really understand it, plus it still advises you to seek professional help on the issue.
  5. Many thanks guys for your responses. I will now check on the other section of this Forum to find an accountant.....
  6. Hello I apologise if I have entered this post in the wrong section. I wondered whether there is an English speaking accountant in the region. My question is - on receiving inheritance from deceased parent in the UK, and having paid inheritance tax in the UK on that amount, do I have to pay yet more tax in Italy (once I find an accountant to help sort out how to file a tax return when moving to Puglia later this year)? The funds are in my UK bank account. Much obliged for any assistance on this matter. Blondie
  7. Again, many thanks for your continued comments - all very interesting. However, I could argue that I enjoy these same pleasures here in Abruzzo already, so am keen to learn what is super-special about Puglia over other regions. A tricky one, I know, but always open-minded to any strange localisms (is that a word?). xx
  8. Many, many thanks one and all for your comments to-date (including the introduction of planting things, yoga and WW3 !! ha ha). I seem to have reached my quota of "likes", so couldn't like the latter comments today (but will tomorrow). xx
  9. And just to add my tuppence-worth.... try http://uktv.robssatellitetv.com/watch-uk-tv-online/. It's free, free of adverts, works on all platforms and quick to load, etc. It's a friend of a friend's site and he doesn't plan to run adverts, etc., It IS early days, so it may not look as pretty as some at the moment, but please persevere. Watching programmes is perfectly good. Blondie x
  10. OK, tried that, although it wasn't so obvious... but there was an attachment link at the bottom of the page. It seems that my normal sized photos are too large and because I can't be bothered to alter their sizes, my experiment has failed. Ha ha. x
  11. Thank you - will give it a go, just for research purposes! ha ha x
  12. Indeed, Abruzzo is stunning (one of the few places where you can ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon). I have fantastic views of high mountains and the coastline from my property (which I am currently trying to flog) but was wondering what else makes Puglia unique, other than a slightly better climate, etc. (P.S. how can one add photos to this page please?). x
  13. I am so pleased you enjoy these savoury and sweet breads/cakes. To me, from my 10 years' experience of living in Italy, the bread and cakes are like concrete, are tasteless and always seem unfresh. I dream of French-baked loaves and baguettes which I enjoyed for many years before coming here. Wonderful stuff, and don't mention their fancy cakes and pastries! I must be missing something and when I finally arrive in Puglia, I hope to taste some local breads and cakes in the hope of proving myself wrong. x
  14. As an update, I am still trying to sell my Villa in Abruzzo and I plan to move to Puglia as soon as possible. I have had a few visits to the area to house-hunt and explore the region. So far, I'm loving it and it makes a welcome change to my current mountainess/beachy place in Italy. What I would like to know is what makes Puglia special to you, above other regions of Italy? I fully appreciate (as is Human nature) that many don't want yet more ex-pats moving to the region, but if you are willing to comment, I would very much appreciate it. x
  15. I have also had these problems, including today up until 2.00pm. Whatever... at least it's working now... x
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