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  1. thanks all for your info and just for taking the time to respond. Happy new year everyone.
  2. hi just a bit more info on the foreign plate thing: according to this article https://www.corriere.it/english/18_marzo_29/italians-avoid-road-tax-and-fines-by-fitting-foreign-plates-4550474e-332b-11e8-8d05-67d9ee233e6b.shtml?refresh_ce-cp the main problem is that of Italians attempting to avoid fines and taxes by driving cars registered in Bulgaria and Romania, so hopefully English plates won't be targeted any more that usual. Fingers crossed cheers Matt: )
  3. hi and thanks for responding. I received a quote from Saga, which was very reasonable and they will cover us for anywhere in Europe within that quote, for the full 12 months. I told them the date, so I'm assuming, because brexit is still so up in the air, Saga are talking business as usual. Interesting about the policing situation though, I will do a little research into that, thanks. We have decided, rather than garaging our car, to hire a car for a single day every time we need to get to the airport or back, it's only three instances and car hire is super cheap this far in advance. thanks again for responding
  4. hi all we are toying with the idea of driving from the UK, down through Europe and leaving our car (15 year old Yaris) there until September, then flying back from time to time and using the car when we do. Our house in Puglia is 20 minutes drive from Noci, out in the middle of nowhere, so we are pondering how we can get to the airport and back. One thought is to garage the car near the airport. Can anyone suggest a reputable garaging service near Bari airport? cheers Matt
  5. brilliant, thanks. Sorry for the delay in responding.
  6. Hi all can anyone please send me a link to a bus timetable for the bus from Mottola to Noci and back? Thanks Matt
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