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  1. Hi Both, Fellow Dubs here. We went to Puglia for a weekend in April 2017. We had a false start and a further speculative visit in June. In the heel of the hunt we found ourselves signing a deed for a villa that same September and haven't looked back since. Madly impulsive but when the little voice within speaks....don't ignore it. Have met some truly great people along the way. There are plenty of potholes in both the Puglian property purchase process and the roads! Most of them are avoidable if you seek proper professional advice. There's plenty available. Opt for fee advice over free advice every time. Saves both pain and money over the long term. Give us a shout if you'd like to pick our brains over a pint or a cuppa. Peter & Eileen.
  2. We look forward to sharing and enjoying your Puglian property adventure. We didn't have the luxury of a Channel 4 crew to keep us grounded. We had to go on blind faith, buckets of trust and gut instinct but it worked out well for us. You're going to love it!
  3. Do it Mick! We visited for a weekend with no notion of buying. We were only taking a long weekend in April 2017 to visit the Valle D'Itria and see some trulli. In September we found ourselves closing on a villa near Ostuni. We're not yet at the stage where we can spend extended periods in Puglia but it's great for the soul to have something to look forward to. i.e. regular trips to our little slice of heaven. One thing re your wife's condition. As Puglia is located on a peninsula and thus surrounded by water it does get very damp in winter if that's a problem. Buy wisely and try to avoid a property with walls like sponges. Perhaps a more modern, recently built property would suit you best.....good luck.
  4. Thank you for that info. Rock n Roll pianist? We werr not expecting that! Have fun....we've decided to embrace all that Cisternino has to offer this evening.
  5. Hello all, We're down until 20th August 2019 and haven't had a chance to tune into whatever events / festivals etc etc might be on in the Ostuni, Cisternino, Ceglie M areas. Any and all information greatfully received.
  6. Definately a nasty situation. No matter what the language or culture these situations best handled "head on" and in a clear, courteous and calm but firm manner - with the aid of an interpreter! If that fails.....then the law, or police for which you'll need as much video evidence as you can capture .... However, make sure the aggressor is clearly informed that you intend to record her....and warn her again when you begin filming....I don't know what the law in Italy is on this point ...invasion of privacy etc etc. Either way....get it sorted and remove the stress from your lives....who needs needs it? Good luck....they're everywhere!
  7. Hi Conrad, If you've met the fabbo Liz then you've made a good contact....she knows loads of good stuff! We're up and down as often as we can too. Dubs on the ramble near Ostuni too.
  8. Petesaboy


    Clint, Should your quest prove fruitless I'm sure Tesco would oblige. Let me know if the Cardamom cravings become unbearable and we'll bring some down with us in August for you. On a totally unrelated matter....is it just me or is there more varied and greater volumes of contribution occuring on the PP forum of late? P
  9. Petesaboy


    Famila in Ostuni....maybe? The nice thing is that when I Google translated it just now the word is "Cardomomo" which is probably what I'd ask for if I hadn't bothered to look it up Good luck! It must be curry night tonight?
  10. Hello All (both old and newcomers), Here's our story in brief. We began our initial engagement with Puglia in April 2017 and soon found the PP Forum. Since then we have....... 1) Met old friends from home we hadn't seen for years - specifically the sister of the drummer from my 1st school band c. 1984 - Yikes) 2) Met new friends with an interest in all things Pugliese with whom we are now in regular year-round contact. 3) Found other friends willing to help mind our little place when we can't be there. 4) Received kind and reliable advice from those who came before us. #And most important of all!!! We have an actively supportive English speaking network of people that we can pick up with whenever we're in residence. It's easy companionable interaction with like-minded souls and the network keeps growing as we all meet up and introduce new contacts to each other over time. We value it highly and it all began with the PP forum. Please don't lose the faith......a new dawn has broken. Let's get this thing back on track for everyone's benefit. Oh and it'll help you find an honest plumber too - should you need one! That's it for now..... P
  11. Great stuff Colleen. I have a private email prepared for you which I have yet to send as I actually do care what happens to this wonderful resource. I will send it privately as my way of lending you my full support in this, the only decision you could have made. I hope I played my own small part in facilitating your decision to clean up where needed. Onwards and upwards from here oh people of Puglian Posse-ness! P
  12. Better a little brain than a wholely unpleasant little Englander.
  13. I shouldn't expect to have to "take" anything..... I occupy the adult world. I certainly dished nothing out. I was merely pointing out good reason why this forum is badly under-subscribed. As to drivel? Please consider this sentence - "They don't make diamonds size of bricks" This is supposed to be a mutually beneficial, respectful, informative and engaging resource for people with a mutual interest in Puglia. It isn't! It has been hijacked!
  14. Hmmmm.....there are no words so letters will have to do. Q.E.D.
  15. Oops! That should have been "il grande lavoratore"
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