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flying pigs

Deadline for clearing under olive trees

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Last year the "authorities" were threatening to prosecute anyone that didn't rotovate/remove all weed growth under and around Olive trees because of the xylella virus.

In practice I am not sure if anyone was actually fined, there were plenty of overgrown/abandoned Olive groves all around the countryside. Not difficult to spot, no doubt this year will be the same.

But to be on the safe side ...... Do It Now :D.


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After thinking about it, wasn't it the end of June that was the deadline for land clearance last year?

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Needs to be done by end of April


Actions to combat the spread of xylella fastidiosa 

Vector monitoring 
Monitoring is aimed at assessing the population of insects and their stage of development in order to provide useful information on the timing of the execution of mandatory interventions to be carried out with regard to youth and adults. 
In accordance with the EU / 789/2015 decision, Legislative Decree 214/05 and of the Regional Council Decree 1890/2018, it should be remembered that in the buffer zone, containment and infection, it is obligatory from March to April to carry out mechanical interventions: surface workings of the land, shredding of wild herbs, flaming or weeding, these last two operations to be performed only in case of impossibility to intervene mechanically. 
In the free area these interventions are recommended.”

(Google translation – original & more at http://www.emergenzaxylella.it/portal/portale_gestione_agricoltura )

Threat of prosecution/fines if not done is still there

I started strimming before the recent rains – now trying to finish and having to redo large parts due to the rapid growth.

Big problem is that unless it is also rotovated or ploughed, which is difficult on our land and impossible in places, or using weedkiller, which I am loathe to do, it will need redoing by the end of June due to the growth and the fire risk.

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For information:

THE DEMARCED AREAS (as of 16/01/2019)

In accordance with the EU Decision 789/2015 as amended by the EU decision 927/2018 and following the discovery of an infected plant in the Monopoli area, the current demarcated area defined with the executive act No. 3 of 16/01 / 2019 (BURP n. 8 of 24.01.2019) is constituted:

Infected area: includes the entire province of Lecce, Brindisi and part of Taranto, is the area where the bacterium is located and it is not possible to eradicate it. In this area the decision does not establish any obligation to eliminate infected plants.

Containment area: it is the 20 km zone of the infected area adjacent to the buffer zone where monitoring must be carried out and containment measures must be implemented through the eradication of the plants found to be infected and the vector to fight.

Buffer zone: is the 10 km wide band surrounding the infected area. The buffer zone is a free area in which monitoring must be carried out and in the event of an outbreak being found, 'eradication measures' must be applied, which consist in eliminating the infected plant and all the plants of the host species, regardless of their state of health, present within 100 m. The fight against the carrier must also be carried out.

The following map shows the edges of each area

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