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Dear Members of Puglia Posse,

Welcome to the new forum design and upgrade. Please make yourselves familiar with the Puglia Posse Site Guidelines which can be viewed on the Welcome to Puglia Posse Forum under the pinned topic 'Site Guidelines'. After which you may continue to use the site forum.

Please take time to get to know how the new board works and please update your profiles.

Equally report any bugs or problems you have as soon as possible by using the contact us link at the bottom of the Forum Homepage.

Admin assumes that once you are using the forum, you have accepted the guidelines and respect them.

Many thanks.


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There are a number of members who no longer use the forum for various reasons so we are going to trim membership so that only those who wish to stay and use the forum and contribute, will remain as members.

Therefore I would ask that you list your 'user' name should you wish to continue to partake in the forum.

In January 2020 I will then remove members that have not signed up. Of course it is always possible to resubscribe in the future should the necessity to use the forum arise.

The forum started out 10 years ago as a way for around thirty of us to keep in touch and that is really the essence of PP.

Puglia Posse

Forum Member List





flying pigs






Jenny and Terry







The P's



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update of list 28 November 2019

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Please add us to your listing (shared account) we don’t post much, but find many helpful posts on the forum. Glad to see the forum back.

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