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Crime in Puglia

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I know when people move here the first thing people think of is criminals, if you told someone in England you were coming here they would say what about the Mafia, but there is little crime compared to London for example and funnily fewer police it seems, if I drive into Lecce I rarely see the police, some direct the traffic outside a school and that is it, when I first moved here a few houses had break ins but they took bars of soap and towels, one house opposite lost an old washing machine another lost a bombola , Italy is interesting no visible police and little crime, I had a Mafia man on house arrest near he was as good as gold, the police caught him standing in the street chatting when they came to check up and they did take is seriously and said stay in the garden,he made me a pizza one day he should been a cook not enforcer, if you drive into central London from where I used to live there police on every corner and bags of crime, its strange, a man I know who is from Holland never carries and documents and he swears the police pulled him up at night and just said "on your way"                             

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Up this way we are seeing more and more people being arrested, which can only be a good thing.  To be honest I've always felt safer here than I do in the UK.  I even feel safer in Mexico than the UK, then again criminals generally bother other criminals.  I recognise a lot of the faces in this article, and they were always being watched in their places of business and their usual haunts.



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